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GTAP University (GTAP-U): GTAP Preferential Trade Agreements Course


The GTAP PTA Course is designed to provide professionals and students with hands-on, applied training in the analysis of preferential trade agreements (PTAs) using the GTAP computable general equilibrium model version 7. The objectives of the GTAP PTA course are to provide participants with an opportunity to develop their applied skills in the design of PTA experiments, the implementation of changes in tariff and non-tariff barriers, and the analysis of model results. The curriculum emphasizes an intuitive treatment of economic theory, provides structured experiences in manipulating and running the standard GTAP model within the RunGTAP software environment, and culminates in team-based research projects. At the end of the course, participants will have developed skills in the analysis of tariff and non-tariff liberalizations in a PTA.

During the course, participants will:

  • consider the potential impacts of PTAs, including on GDP, trade, factors of production and sectoral production - connecting applied model results to trade theories
  • operationalize the modelling of different aspects of PTAs within the GTAP CGE model, including tariff and non-tariff barriers
  • learn about different approaches to modelling non-tariff measures and their implications for importing and exporting countries
  • learn how to interpret general equilibrium model results, including the impact of alternative closures
What GTAP PTA "Graduates" Are Saying...

"An excellent course with a very dedicated instructor and staff."

"The course is very effective. Instructions and guidance are excellent as always."

"I liked reading on new ideas how to interpret and estimate NTMs and simulate their elimination. I am also very pleased with deep, detailed and comprehensive comments of course instructors."

"The research project is a very good idea - great to work in teams with the fellow participants"

"Thanks for a great course!"

"I want to express my gratitude to your entire team for the professional organization of the learning process and for providing an opportunity for an in-depth study of GTAP models"

"Bravo pour la qualité remarquable de cet enseignement."

"The homeworks were great but the group project was the most valuable. Having the opportunity to implement everything we've learned and see how others' did the same in their presentations was very useful."

"Thanks for this great opportunity to learn and discuss deeply the concepts related to the analysis of PTAs and the liberalization of NTMs by using GTAP CGE model. I really appreciate the detailed explanations and guidance of instructors."

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