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GTAP Events: 2022 GTAP Advisory Board Meeting

General Information
Date: June 6-7, 2022

Location: Virtual Meeting

Deliverables: PDF file Agenda (presentations linked)

PDF file Report and Issues Document

Webpage Supplementary Material

PDF file 2022 Summary
Research Fellows
The Board approved to name the following as Research Fellows for the period of June 2022 – May 2025:

Alessandro Antimiani
For his many contributions to the GTAP Data Base, GTAP Technical Papers/Journal of Global Economic Analysis, and for being active in the GTAP policy scene in Brussels.

Heleen Bartelings
For her many contributions to the MAGNET team and consortium, which has led to increasing the profile of what CGE analyses can offer policymakers and international institutions.

Wolfgang Britz
For his major contributions to modular CGE models and systems combining different model types such as GTAP and CAPRI, and also contributing to the methodological development of model linkage and meta-modeling, and his current work on a re-cursive dynamic variant of CGEBox for long-term baseline construction.

James Giesecke
For his CGE contributions in regional modeling, tax analysis, finance, and disaster analysis, and supporting GTAP through the Centre of Policy Studies by allocating time for the GEMPACK team to service GTAP through software development, training, and support; and growing the global community of CGE modellers by promoting CoPS’ international CGE projects and training efforts and providing databases created as part of CoPS’ global modelling activities to the GTAP Data Base effort.

Maros Ivanic
For his work on improving the GTAP tools and making them accessible to more researchers through linking WiNDC with GTAP, developing a GTAP in R model, reverse-engineering HAR and SL4 files to allow GTAP-related analysis in open-source systems, and the linking of GTAP with a solver in R to allow for higher-order optimization, as well as his contributions to numerous research projects, including using GTAP to analyze the EUs Farm to Fork policy.

Alan A. Powell Award
Each year at the GTAP Advisory Board meeting we present an award to one of the members of the Board in recognition of outstanding service. This award is in honor of one of the Founding Members of the Advisory Board, and the intellectual grandfather of GTAP - Alan A. Powell.

Photo of Janine Pelikan The 2022 recipient of the Alan A. Powell Award is Janine Pelikan, Deputy Director, Thünen Institute of Market Analysis.

Thank you, Janine, for your many important contributions to GTAP!

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