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GTAP Events: Short Courses in Global Trade Analysis

The short course consists of two parts. The online phase is an eight-week sequence where students get in-depth training about the microeconomic underpinnings of applied general equilibrium (AGE) models. The online course allows for self-paced learning on a modular basis. Each weekly module requires an end of week submission that triggers feedback from the instruction team. The onsite course is a mix of lecture and lab sessions designed to develop the economic intuition required to perform high-level policy analysis using the GTAP Model and Data Base. These activities culminate in a major application undertaken by small groups and presented on the final day of the course.

What GTAP Short Course "Graduates" Are Saying...
"Excellent learning environment, teaching and material."

"Good balance between theory and practical lessons!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned an incredible amount of material in such a short period of time. I look forward to being involved in the GTAP community in the future and using these modelling techniques in my work! Thank you!"

"I really loved the hands-on part of the course; it was a valuable experience and certainly provided a deeper understanding of the difficult and sophisticated linkages of the model."

"The course is very comprehensive and offered an opportunity to be introduced to all aspects of CGE modelling (theory, data, GEMPACK and other)."

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