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GTAP Resources: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the GTAP Data Bases and Models, we suggest subscribing to the GTAP-L mailing list.

Latest Additions to GTAP FAQs

Memory RAM for full RunGTAP
I appreciate if anyone can give me hint regarding the amount of memory RAM we need to run the full RunGTAP. We're thinking in upgrading our computer systems and we have to consider the needs that mode...

Date Added: 10/30/2006

How do I open HAR files?
How do I open HAR files?...

Date Added: 3/31/2008

Difference with GDP numbers in GTAP
Why are the GDP (or other macro data) numbers in GTAP so much different from my country’s official statistic?...

Date Added: 5/9/2013

Log-file warnings and re-ordering of data when I convert GTAP 8 Data Base in to GAMS format (GDX file)
I see some log-file warnings and re-ordering of data when I convert GTAP 8 Data Base in to GAMS format (GDX file). Is this a problem? How can I avoid this issue?...

Date Added: 9/20/2012

GTAP 7 vs. GTAP 7.1 regions
Why does GTAP 7.1 Data Base have only 112 regions, though GTAP 7 Data Base has 113 regions?...

Date Added: 9/11/2012

Decomposing trade effects of an FTA simulation
Is it possible to decompose the trade effects of an FTA simulation into trade diversion and trade expansion effects?...

Date Added: 12/7/2011

Metadata description of GTAP data
Is there a metadata description of the GTAP data?...

Date Added: 12/6/2011

Translating GTAP base data into CSV format
Is it possible to translate the GTAP base data into CSV format for loading into a different application, such as MS Access?...

Date Added: 12/6/2011

Costs not matching with sales in GTAPVIEW file
Why don't the costs (computed from CM01) match with sales (computed from SF01) in the GTAPVIEW (gsdview.har) file?...

Date Added: 11/16/2011

I try to impose a shock on rorg or globalcgds, but they are not in the default exogenous variable list. I checked equation RORGLOBAL, rorg should be exogenous when RORDELTA=1 or globalcgds is exog...

Date Added: 11/2/2011

How to use GTAP Data Base for modeling applications?
How to use GTAP Data Base for modeling applications?...

Date Added: 8/6/2011

Working with HAR files
How to open, read, convert or copy the contents from a HAR file...

Date Added: 7/20/2011

GTAP Data Base Values
Are the values in the GTAP Data Base data or estimation results by GTAP Model? For example, I am checking GView, and there is a table called "NVFA". The table decomposes a total output into various...

Date Added: 5/31/2011

Variable "to" defined with regards to "POS"
I am a new user of the standard GTAP model, which I am using to simulate a removal of EU argicultural subsidies on different EU agricultural sectors. Would it be possible for you to answer a couple of...

Date Added: 5/12/2011

Final/Intermediate Demand and Producer Taxes
There are several kinds of taxes included in the GTAP database. In most cases the tax base seems to be quite straight forward. However for several taxes we are uncertain which taxes were used as basis...

Date Added: 1/28/2011