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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP 10 Data Base Issues

If you have encountered an issue with the GTAP 10 Data Base which you would like addressed, please email a detailed account to the Data Team. Below is an ongoing list of issues reported regarding GTAP 10.

Current Known Issues

  • Michael Conroy reported little variation on services trade data. The reason for this was that all reference years used the same 2014 input. This is fixed in GTAP 10a release.
  • Maksym Chepeliev reported that the 2011 targets for the EU were out of order. This has been corrected in GTAP 10a release.
  • Florian Freund reported that OECD domestic support contained data for additional countries that we were not considering. For GTAP 10a we update the OECD information and this increased the coverage of countries as provided by the OECD. It also allowed us to increase the countries subject to agricultural production.

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