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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP Data Base Archives

Archived versions of the GTAP Data Base are listed below along with general information. Please visit their respective pages for further details.

  Reference Year Regions Sectors Documentation Availability
GTAP 10 Data Base 2004, 2007, 2011, 2014 141 65 Available online Price List

GTAP 9 Data Base 2004, 2007 & 2011 140 57 Available online Will become available with the release of GTAP 11.
GTAP 8 Data Base 2004 & 2007 129 57 Available online Download GTAPAgg 8.1 (2007)
Download GTAPAgg 8.1 (2004)

GTAPAgg License

GTAP 7 Data Base 2004 113 57 Available online Download GTAPAgg 7

GTAPAgg License

GTAP 6 Data Base 2001 87 57 Available online Download GTAPAgg 6

GTAPAgg License

GTAP 5 Data Base 1997 66 57 Available online Download GTAPAgg 5
Download GTAPAgg 5.1
Download GTAPAgg 5.2
Download GTAPAgg 5.3
Download GTAPAgg 5.4

GTAPAgg License

GTAP 4 Data Base 1995 45 50 Available online Download

GTAP 3 Data Base 1992 30 37 Available online Download

GTAP 2 Data Base 1992 24 37

GTAP 1 Data Base 1990 15 37

Satellite Data and Utilities




The GTAP Data Base is based on previous work done at the Productivity Commission in Australia and documented in the Salter Working Papers.
Presentations on GTAP Data Base
The following presentations have been prepared to further educate users about the GTAP Data Base.
Presentation file GTAPAgg Tutorial
      by Zekarias Hussein

Presentation file Regional Data in GTAP
      by Terrie Walmsley

Presentation file Data Base Overview and Domestic Data Bases
      by Robert McDougall

Presentation file Bilateral Merchandise Trade Data
      by Mark Gehlhar

Presentation file Other International Data Sets
      by Robert McDougall

If your media player experiences trouble finding and installing the correct file format to properly play the tutorial, click the links below to install the following audio and video codecs.