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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP 10 Satellite Data and Utilities

GTAP 10 Satellite Data and Utilities

The GTAP Satellite Data and Utilities listed below allow users to more easily use and adapt the full suite of GTAP Models for analysis of global trade and environmental issues. Purchasers of the GTAP 10 Data Base will automatically get access to these data sets.

Composition and Documentation

  • GTAP-E Data Base - The GTAP-E Data Base provides carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions data distinguished by fuel and by user for each of the 141 countries/regions in the GTAP 10 Data Base. GTAP-E data is based on: GTAP 10 and extended energy balances compiled by the International Energy Agency (IEA). A FlexAgg distribution and GTAPAgg2 packages for each of the reference years are available to assist in aggregating the GTAP-E Data Base for use with the GTAP-E Model.
  • GTAP-Power Data Base - GTAP-Power is an electricity-detailed extension of the GTAP Data Base. The GTAP 'ely' sector is disaggregated into: transmission & distribution, nuclear, coal, gas (base and peak load), oil (base and peak load), hydroelectric (base and peak load), wind, solar, and other power technologies. These new sectors are combined with the original GTAP sectors resulting in a data base with 76 sectors and 141 regions. The methodology has been revised and is documented in Research Memorandum No. 31

Additional resources

Technical Support

GTAP Network members in need of technical support are encouraged to use the following avenues to request assistance. General, non-technical inquiries may be addressed to

    The Center for Global Trade Analysis maintains a searchable repository of frequently asked questions on many different aspects of GTAP.
  • GTAP-L Mailing List
    GTAP-L is an email-based list to which many members of the GTAP Network subscribe in order to receive updates on the GTAP Data Base, model, events, jobs and technical assistance. For further information, to subscribe or to access a searchable archive of GTAP-L messages, please visit the GTAP-L Mailing List homepage
  • GTAP Support Email is an account monitored by the Center for Global Trade Analysis' data team. Network members can email to reach a GTAP staff member for technical support on any GTAP product.

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