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GTAP Models: RunGTAP

What is RunGTAP?
GTAP is formulated and solved using GEMPACK, a flexible system for solving AGE models. RunGTAP is a visual interface to various GEMPACK programs. RunGTAP allows the user to run simulations interactively in a Windows environment using the GTAP general equilibrium model. No previous knowledge of the GEMPACK language or programming skills is necessary to use the program. Results and complementary information for the analysis are also provided in a Windows environment and can be accessed interactively. RunGTAP will run the standard GTAP Model with any GTAP Data Base which is not too large. To use larger data bases, or to modify the equations of the GTAP Model, or to modify the standard condensation of the GTAP Model, you will also need a GEMPACK license (of which there are several types). For more information about GEMPACK licenses, please contact the Centre of Policy Studies.

RunGTAP is freely available for download below.

Zip File Download RunGTAP (v3.75, Updated May 2022)

Installation help

Webpage RunGTAP Patches (Updated May 2022)

Patch Instructions

RunGTAP contains the condensed (standard) and uncondensed version of the GTAP Model. To change to the uncondensed version, click on version | modules and then on GTAP under global settings. This will allow you to select - the uncondensed version. For further information on RunGTAP and on condensation see:

PDF File Hands-on Computing with RunGTAP and WinGEM to Introduce GTAP and GEMPACK
by Pearson, Ken and Mark Horridge, Centre of Policy Studies

This version of RunGTAP does not require a license to run GTAP Data Base aggregations of less than 10 by 10. If you want to run a larger aggregation, you will need to obtain an Introductory (Large-simulations) license or higher from Gempack. We also suggest that you check for product updates after installing this and on a regular basis hereafter.

This document provides several examples of hands-on computing you can carry out to familiarize yourself with the RunGTAP and GEMPACK software. In Part A, the Examples are directed at finding out about the data in a GTAP Data Base. In Part B, the Examples are directed at carrying out simulations with GTAP. Part C describes how you can make a new version (that is, aggregation of the GTAP Data Base) for use with RunGTAP. Part D assumes you already know something of GEMPACK--it tells how you can adapt and run your own economic models within RunGTAP. Part E tells you how can find out more about RunGTAP and GEMPACK, and mention hands-on computing you may like to try with models other than GTAP.

RunGTAP contains a number of applications listed below. A number of other applications used in GTAP Short Courses are also listed below.

RunGTAP Applications
Other Applications used in GTAP Short Courses
Other Programs and Features of RunGTAP
Under the View drop-down menu, users can select a number of useful programs/options to run with their experiments:
RunGTAP Support
If you are experiencing problems or you have questions about using RunGTAP, we strongly encourage you to look at the following support options:
  1. Check for product updates
  2. Read through existing FAQs about RunGTAP.
  3. Subscribe to the GTAP-L mailing list
  4. Contact