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What is the GTAP 10 Data Base?
The centerpiece of the Global Trade Analysis Project is the GTAP Data Base, a fully documented, publicly available global database containing complete bilateral trade information, transport and protection linkages. The GTAP Data Base represents the world economy and is utilized by thousands worldwide as a key input into contemporary applied general equilibrium (AGE) analysis of global economic issues.
What’s New in GTAP 10?
  • Four reference years: 2004, 2007, 2011, 2014
  • Geographic coverage
    • 121 countries representing 98% of world GDP and 92% of world population
    • 20 aggregate regions
    • 50 new/updated tables
    • Multi-year country Input-Output table allocation by GTAP reference year (as data permits)
  • Expansion of sectoral coverage in manufactures and services sectors, beyond the traditional 57 sectors
  • Updated sectoral concordances to CPC and ISIC classifications
  • Improved estimates of international margins data
  • Update of other regular data inputs:
    • Energy, emissions and macro-economic data
    • Tariff data and agricultural domestic support
    • Bilateral trade data and time-series of bilateral merchandise trade data
Anticipated Release Date

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