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GTAP Data Bases: FlexAgg2: An Improved Version of the Data Aggregation Program FlexAgg

The FlexAgg program distributed with the GTAP 7 Data Base (and older) does not work in Windows 7 64-bit (Even after updating the open-source utilities used to interpret the mapping files).

In order to solve this we have rewritten FlexAgg to be fully compatible with GEMPACK 10. The new FlexAgg, nicknamed FlexAgg2.X, has these new features:
The default behavior of FlexAgg2 is significantly different from its predecessors, so we encourage reading the documentation.

Is there a patch for the older FlexAgg? No, there is not. Users wanting to update their FlexAgg programs are better off by, backing up their data files and mappings in a safe place, getting rid of the older FlexAgg, and unzipping the newer versions that can be downloaded from:
Why two different flavors of FlexAgg2? The GTAP 8 Data Base includes two new headers that needed to be accommodated in the aggregation programs.

Is FlexAgg2.X compiled using 64 bits? No, we compiled it using Window 32 bits for greater compatibility, but it does work in 64 bits. If you want it compiled in 64 bits you can run "compile.bat" in the source (FlexAgg2/src/) folder.

If you use FlexAgg2 please cite it as:
Villoria N. and McDougall R. "FlexAgg2.0: An Improved Version of the Data Aggregation Program FlexAgg." GTAP 8 Data Base Documentation, Chapter 4. Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University, IN.

Questions? Contact for more information.