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GTAP Models: Current GTAP Model

Standard Model
The standard GTAP Model is a multiregion, multisector, computable general equilibrium model, with perfect competition and constant returns to scale. Innovative aspects of this model include: The GTAP Model also gives users a wide range of closure options, including unemployment, tax revenue replacement and fixed trade balance closures, and a selection of partial equilibrium closures (which facilitate comparison of results to studies based on partial equilibrium assumptions).

The GTAP Model was initially documented in the GTAP Book. Recent changes in the structure can be found below:
The model code is also available for download:
Model (version 7) Current version Documentation
RunGTAP Stand-alone
Standard GTAP download download view
GTAP-E download download view
GTAP-Power download download view

Mary Burfisher, has published a hands-on book, Introduction to CGE Models, that new GTAP users might also find useful.

Various sets and variables in the GTAP model

Applications and Extensions to the GTAP Model
The standard GTAP Model is amenable to modifications. Many of these modifications are documented in the GTAP Technical and Working Paper Series as well as in GTAP Applications. Key areas of current research at the Center include the development of models and data bases to examine issues related to environmental and energy issues, poverty and migration.