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GTAP Network: Alan A. Powell Award

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the establishment and early development of GTAP, the Center for Global Trade Analysis has established the Alan A. Powell Award, which is presented each year to recognize the outstanding service of a representative currently serving on the GTAP Advisory Board.

Photo of Ralf Peters

The 2023 recipient of the Alan A. Powell Award is Ralf Peters, Chief of Trade Information Section and Trade Analysis Branch, Division on International Trade in Goods and Services, and Commodities at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Ralf is in charge of UNCTAD’s trade policy research and trade control measures data, including non-tariff measures (NTMs). He has spearheaded UNCTAD’s efforts to collect and process NTM data across the globe, which has paved way for increased understanding of International Classification of NTMs. This dataset has also become the basis for important new research aimed at estimating NTMs and their associated economic impacts. In addition, Ralf has also been instrumental in UNCTAD’s online courses on NTMs which have certified nearly 700 graduates from over 100 countries.

Ralf has been a valued member of the GTAP Advisory Board since 2014 as well as an active participant in GTAP conferences. He has co-authored and presented a number of papers focusing on trade, labor, NTMs, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Carbon Border Adjustment Measures (CBAM). He has been tireless in conducting economic analyses and implementing technical cooperation projects on trade policy and development. Most recently Ralf has been collaborating with the GTAP Center on the creation of a publicly available GTAP NTM Satellite Data Base.

Thank you, Ralf, for your important contributions to GTAP!