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GTAP Network: Alan A. Powell Award

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the establishment and early development of GTAP, the Center for Global Trade Analysis has established the Alan A. Powell Award, which is presented each year to recognize the outstanding service of a representative currently serving on the GTAP Advisory Board.

Hans van Meijl The 2017 recipient of the Alan A. Powell Award is Dr. Hans van Meijl, Research coordinator, bioeconomy and energy-climate-water-food nexus, Wageningen Economic Research. Hans van Meijl has been an outstanding contributor to the GTAP Network for more than two decades. He first arrived at Purdue as a freshly minted PhD, newly employed by the LEI - the Dutch Agricultural Economics Research Institute. He and Frank van Tongeren were part of the Director’s strategy to modernize economic analysis at the LEI, and modernize they did! Hans had done his dissertation on technological progress and innovation and arrived at the first course full of ideas for endogenizing technical change in the GTAP Model. The Center could see his talent, so the next year Hans was invited back as a short course instructor – a role which he played with great aplomb for many years – including the course which was hosted by the LEI in 1998. Hans was always a favorite instructor of the course participants, owing to his sharp intellect, great enthusiasm, boundless energy, humility, and ability to laugh at himself. And, he was known for single-handedly turning the course canoe trip into a most memorable occasion! When Frank left the LEI for the glamour of Paris and the OECD, Hans ably assumed leadership for all of the LEI’s global economic research and proceeded to build up a first rate team of researchers. Importantly, he has also worked to forge intra-EU collaborations across those European institutions using GTAP, leading a number of very important EU-funded projects.

Thank you, Hans, for your important contributions to GTAP!

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