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GTAP Network: Alan A. Powell Award

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the establishment and early development of GTAP, the Center for Global Trade Analysis has established the Alan A. Powell Award, which is presented each year to recognize the outstanding service of a representative currently serving on the GTAP Advisory Board.

Marinos Tsigas The 2016 recipient of the Alan A. Powell Award is Dr. Marinos Tsigas, International Economist, US International Trade Commission. Marinos Tsigas' involvement in GTAP goes back to the beginning of time - or at least the beginning of the Project! He was a postdoctoral fellow at Purdue University, and then an employee at USDA in the early 1990's when the model was being coded. Together with Tom Hertel, he authored the very first version of the GTAP Model. Since that time, Marinos has been involved in an extremely wide range of innovative model extensions, applications and policy analyses using variants of GTAP as well as several other CGE models. Those who have worked with Marinos quickly learn to listen closely to his advice on modeling and analysis. He is a frequent instructor at the GTAP short courses. He is known for being extremely patient in explaining results to lay audiences and students of CGE analysis - a fact which is especially noteworthy given his exceptional intellect and analytical capabilities. In 2013, Marinos became the US International Trade Commission's representative on the GTAP Advisory Board. Since that time, he has worked tirelessly to advance the network and ensure that the Center has the resources to carry out its mission. This included mobilizing funds to support this year's conference. He has also played an important role in identifying potential graduate students, and mentoring them during their studies at Purdue. He has served on several dissertation committees and has provided valuable career guidance to our students. Working together with Sandra Rivera and Bill Powers, he paved the way for Zeynep Akgul to extend her modeling of firm heterogeneity so that it can be used for prime-time policy analysis.

Thank you, Marinos, for your important contributions to GTAP!

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