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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP Data Base

The centerpiece of the Global Trade Analysis Project is a global data base describing bilateral trade patterns, production, consumption and intermediate use of commodities and services. Citations to this Data Base should reference the associated paper in the Journal of Global Economic Analysis: A complete history of the GTAP Data Base may be found here.

Version (Archives) Release Date
GTAP 9 Data Base May 2015
GTAP 8 Data Base March 2012
GTAP 7 Data Base December 2008
GTAP 6 Data Base May 2005
GTAP 6 Beta Release Data Base November 2004
GTAP 5.4 Data Base November 2003
GTAP 5 Data Base June 2001
GTAP 4 Data Base 1998
GTAP 3 Data Base 1996
GTAP 2 Data Base 1994
GTAP 1 Data Base 1993

Public Availability
The GTAP Data Base may be purchased by anyone interested in using it. Proceeds help to offset the cost of producing the next release. This permits users to share in development costs and it prevents needless duplication of effort in creating this public good.

Regular Updates
The GTAP Data Base is updated every few years. The release used in the GTAP book is Version 2.

Broad Participation
The network of GTAP users represents an excellent resource for improvement of the GTAP Data Base. Contributors have access to a number of concordances to help match data to the GTAP sector and commodity detail. An added benefit from broad participation is extensive scrutiny of the GTAP Data Base.

Comparative Advantage
By making the GTAP Data Base available and offering to incorporate improvements offered by members of the network, each individual is able to work to his/her own comparative advantage while capitalizing on the contributions of others.

Documentation and Replicability
The GTAP Data Base is fully documented. One requirement for new contributions to the GTAP Data Base is that the sources and procedures used to create them be provided along with the data. In addition, the GTAP software is designed to permit applications to be readily replicated by others. Together, these two features are designed to enhance the credibility and comparability of global trade analysis. Specific features of the data are also discussed in a number of frequently asked questions. Many are drawn from discussions on the GTAP-L mailing list.

How to Contribute to GTAP?
While the GTAP Data Base is constructed by the Center for Global Trade Analysis, the data is supplied by the GTAP Network - consisting of individuals, agencies and institutions from around the world. The Network of GTAP users represents an excellent resource for improvement of the GTAP Data Base. Those who identify areas for improvement or extension of the GTAP Data Base are free to make this available to GTAP staff in order to have it considered for incorporation into the next release. Visit the How to Contribute? section for more information.

Presentations on GTAP Data Base
The following presentations have been prepared to further educate users about the GTAP Data Base.
Presentation file GTAPAgg Tutorial
      by Zekarias Hussein

Presentation file Regional Data in GTAP
      by Terrie Walmsley

Presentation file Data Base Overview and Domestic Data Bases
      by Robert McDougall

Presentation file Bilateral Merchandise Trade Data
      by Mark Gehlhar

Presentation file Other International Data Sets
      by Robert McDougall

If your media player experiences trouble finding and installing the correct file format to properly play the tutorial, click the links below to install the following audio and video codecs.

Technical Support
GTAP Network members in need of technical support are encouraged to use the following avenues to request assistance. General, non-technical inquiries may be addressed to