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GTAP Environmental and Energy Research
The GTAP Model and data base has also been extended to evaluate costs of abatement and to assess the spill-over effects of greenhouse gases (GHG) abatement policies via international trade and sectoral interaction. During the past decade, the Global Trade Analysis Project has filled an important need in the integrated assessment (IA) community by providing regular updates of world-wide input-output and bilateral trade data sets with significant disaggregation of regions and sectors, plus energy volume data.

Land Use and Land Cover Research
The GTAP 8 Land Use and Land Cover Data Base builds on global land cover and land use data bases, as well as global forestry data. In keeping with the multi-year release of version 8, the land cover and land use database is updated to two base years: 2004 and 2007.

Baseline Research
At the 2010 GTAP Advisory Board Meeting and later at a workshop on baselines organized by the USITC and the Centre of Policy Studies in Shanghai, there was considerable interest in establishing a website where people could share baseline data and information on baseline data sources, as well as programs for updating GTAP data, filling and aggregating baseline data. 'Where do I find baseline data?' is also fast becoming the most frequently asked question amongst new GDyn users and other GTAP Network members.

Labor Migration Research
The Center is also involved in the development of a bilateral labor migration model and data base related to the analysis of labor migration issues.

Poverty Research
The Center is also involved in extending the GTAP Model for the analysis of poverty issues. This has led to the development of a book and application.