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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP 4 Data Base Documentation

The documentation is available online and can also be ordered using the following reference:

McDougall, R.A., A. Elbehri, and T.P. Truong (1998). Global Trade Assistance and Protection: The GTAP 4 Data Base, Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University

PART I: Introduction

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Thomas Hertel

PART II: Overview of the Data Base and Software

Chapter 2 - Data Base Summary: Macro Data
Robert McDougall and Aziz Elbehri

Chapter 3 - Data Base Summary: Sectoral Data
Robert McDougall and Aziz Elbehri

Chapter 4 - Protection and Support Data
Robert McDougall and Aziz Elbehri

Chapter 5 - Data Base Derivatives: Effective Rates of Protection
Aziz Elbehri and Robert McDougall

Chapter 6 - Data Base Summary: IO multipliers
Robert McDougall and Aziz Elbehri

Chapter 7 - Supplementary Data: Time Series Trade Data
Mark Gehlhar

Chapter 8 - Guide to GTAP Data Base
Robert McDougall

Chapter 9 - Ancillary Software: Aggregation Programs
Robert McDougall and Betina Dimaranan

Chapter 10 - Ancillary Software: Viewing Facilities
Melanie Bacou, Thomas Hertel, and Wusheng Yu

Part III: Sources and Procedures for the Version 4 Data Base

Chapter 11 - Trade Data

11.A Reconciling Bilateral Trade Data for Use in GTAP
Mark Gehlhar

11.B Estimating Hong-Kong Re-export Markups
Shunli Yao

11.C Transport Margins
Mark Gehlhar

Chapter 12 - Services Trade Data
Jayatilleke Bandara, Nico van Leeuwen and Padma Swaminathan

Chapter 13 - Protection Data
William Martin, Jersey Rozanski, Emiko Fukase And Wusheng Yu

Chapter 14 - Regional Input-Output Tables

14.1 Overview of Regional Input-Output tables
Robert McDougall and Jing Liu

14.2 Australia
Ilias Mastoris and Johanna Travis

14.3 Columbia, Venezuela and Andean countries
Juan Jose Echavarria

14.4 China
Li, Fan and Wang

14.5 Denmark
Jars-Bo Jacobsen

14.6 Finland and Sweden
Leena Kerkela

14.7 Germany
Martina Brockmeier

14.8 Morocco
Aziz Elbehri

14.9 New Zealand
Gerard Malcolm

14.10 South Africa
Jayatilleke Bandara and Mark Horridge

14.11 Sri Lanka
Jayatilleke Bandara

14.12 Turkey
Mustafa Acar

14.13 United Kingdom
Lionel Hubbard

14.14 United States
Kenneth Hanson and Agapi Somwaru

14.15 Uruguay
Ines Terra, Alejandro Nin, Anna Caristo

14.16 Vietnam
Jayatilleke Bandara and Mark Horridge

14.17 European Union
Myrna van Leeuwen and David Verhoog

14.18 India
Rajesh Chadha

Chapter 15 - Disaggregating Agricultural and Food Sectors
Everett Peterson

Chapter 16 - Disaggregation of Input-Output Tables
Jing Liu and Robert McDougall

Chapter 17 - Other Source Data

Chapter 18 - Disaggregating Labor Payments by Skill Level
Jing Liu, Nico van Leeuwen, Tri Thanh Vo, Rod Tyers and Thomas Hertel

Chapter 19 - Behavioral Parameters
Robert McDougall, Betina Dimaranan and Thomas Hertel

Chapter 20 - Fitting
Robert McDougall, Wusheng Yu and Gerard Malcolm

Chapter 21- CDE Calibration
Betina Dimaranan, Jing Liu, Robert McDougall, Thomas Hertel and Yves Surry