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GTAP Events: 9th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis: Plenary Speakers

"Aid, Service Delivery and the MDGs in an Economy-wide Framework"
Francois Bourguignon
Chief Economist
The World Bank, United States

"Replacing Representative with Real Households in Dynamic CGE Analyses of Poverty: Challenges and Opportunities"
Bernard Decaluwe
Full Professor
Universit"Laval, Canada

"Why are Developing Countries Reluctant to Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights? Implications for the Technology-Related Intellectual Property (TRIPS) Provision for the World Trade Organization."
Robert Evenson
Professor of Economics
Yale University, United States

"Assessing Barriers to International Trade: Measurement Issues and Policy Implications"
Will Martin
Lead Economist, Trade and Development Research Group
The World Bank, United States

"Can Intellectual Property Rights be Integrated into Computational Models?"
Keith Maskus
Professor of Economics
University of Colorado, United States

"Trade and Currency Unions in Africa"
Paul Masson
Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada