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Komi Tsowou

Created: 6/30/2014
Updated: 1/22/2018
Visits: 1,042
Mr. Komi Tsowou

United Nations, Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
Menelik II Avenue
Addis Ababa 3005
00251-115 44 34 26 (ph)

I am a financial economist and statistician, with Master degrees in Quantitative Economics (Major: Econometrics) and Finance (Major: Financial markets and risk management). I have extensive knowledge of macroeconomics; development policies; financial economics; industrialization and infrastructure; international trade; and, applied econometrics. I also possess excellent knowledge of financial sector including financial intermediation and regulation, financial markets and risk management, commodity markets; as well the international finance system. I have been involved as Researcher or Assistant-Researcher in several projects focused on financial markets and risk management; commodity markets, international trade, industrialization and development policies. My areas of research interest include, inter alia, market risks management, Foreign Direct Investments, International trade and Food security, Commodity markets analysis, Industrilaization and infrastructure development. After joining the United Nations where I first served as an economist within the Special Unit on Commodities of the United Nation Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), I am now working with the Regional Integration & Trade Division of the UN Economic Commission for Africa.

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