Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP)

The Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) is a global network of researchers and policy makers conducting quantitative analysis of international policy issues. GTAP is coordinated by the Center for Global Trade Analysis in Purdue University's Department of Agricultural Economics.

Current Highlights

2021-2 GTAP 101 Course
"Introduction to Computable General Equilibrium Modeling in the GTAP Framework"
September 6 - October 24, 2021

Cover image for Computable General Equilibrium Models
Dates/Deadlines (USA Eastern Time Zone)
Course Application March 22 - June 27
Acceptance Notifications late July

Coursework based on:
Introduction to Computable General Equilibrium Models, 2e
by Mary E. Burfisher

The objective of GTAP 101 is to engage participants in an active, team-based process of learning about the GTAP CGE model and its use in applied economic policy analysis. The curriculum is geared to advanced undergraduates, graduates and professionals. Following the course, participants will be entry-level modelers and more informed consumers of CGE-based analyses.

2021 GTAP Firm Heterogeneity Course
"Applied Policy Analysis with Advanced Trade Theories"
October 4 - November 21, 2021

Dates/Deadlines (USA Eastern Time Zone)
Applications March 15 – July 18
Acceptance Notifications August
The GTAP-HET Course is a hands-on, fully-online course developed to provide professional economists and Masters/PhD students with the tools and skills necessary to use advanced trade theories in trade policy analysis. During the course, participants will:
  • learn about the Melitz model of heterogenous firms, viewed as a more general version of the Krugman model of monopolistic competition, and Armington model with perfect competition;
  • develop skills to use the GTAP Firm Heterogeneity (GTAP-HET) Model where Armington, Krugman, and Melitz models are nested in the GTAP computable general equilibrium framework;
  • conduct trade policy experiments and interpret simulation results using the GTAP-HET Model in team-based research projects.

Call for GTAP Research Fellow Nominations

At each Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, new GTAP Research Fellows are named in recognition of their significant contributions to the development of GTAP through:

  • contributions to the GTAP Data Base
  • contributions to the development of GTAP Models and software
  • outstanding research using the GTAP Data Base and/or models
  • contributions in advancing the use of GTAP and broadening the GTAP Network

Nominations are now being accepted from GTAP Network members who, in the past five years, have contributed to the GTAP Data Base, and/or presented a paper at the annual conference. If you fit this criteria and are aware of anyone who has made significant contributions in the areas detailed above, we encourage you to nominate them for consideration for the 2021-2024 GTAP Research Fellow term.

Dates/Deadlines (USA Eastern Time Zone)
Nominations April 30
Nominee Review late May
Awards Announced mid-June (at GTAP Conference)

*GTAP Staff, GTAP Advisory Board Representatives, current GTAP Research Fellows and GTAP Research Fellow Hall of Fame inductees are not eligible for nomination.

2021 Short Course in Dynamic Global Trade Analysis
"Applied General Equilibrium Analysis using a Dynamic Multi-Region Model"
October 11-15, 2021   |   West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Purdue University
Purdue University
Dates/Deadlines (USA Eastern Time Zone)
Applications Jan 11 – May 16
Acceptance Notifications July
Online Course Aug 23 - Oct 3
Course Oct 11-15

The objective of this course is to introduce participants to dynamic economic analysis in an applied general equilibrium setting. This course is designed to provide participants with ample hands-on training with software that has been tailored for undertaking analysis using a dynamic recursive model. Participants will interact with economists working on global trade and environmental issues using a dynamic model. The end goal of the course is for participants to leave with the capability of conducting and analyzing their own dynamic simulations.

24th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis
"Global Food System: Opportunities and Challenges"
June 23-25, 2021  |  Virtual Conference

conference cover image

Virtual Conference
Dates/Deadlines (USA Eastern Time Zone)
Abstracts / Session Proposals Nov 2 - Jan 15
Abstract Review Jan 22 - Feb 14
Acceptance Notifications Feb / Mar
Final Papers Apr 15
Participant Registrations Apr 30
Listener Registrations Jun 18

The goal of the conference is to promote the exchange of ideas among economists conducting quantitative analysis of global economic issues.
The overall theme of the conference is "Global Food System: Opportunities and Challenges" with subthemes on:
  • Agricultural innovation and resource constraints
  • International trade and supply chain linkages
  • Inclusive economic growth
    • Climate change and environmental sustainability
    • Food-energy linkages
  • Food and agricultural policies
  • Policy and regulatory harmonization


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GTAP Events Deadline
Conference - Sess Participant RegistrationApr 30, 2021
Dynamic Short Course - ApplicationsMay 16, 2021
Conference - Presentation SubmissionMay 30, 2021
Conference - Listener RegistrationJun 18, 2021
GTAP 101 Course - ApplicationsJun 27, 2021
GTAP-HET Course - ApplicationsJul 18, 2021

Network Events/Notices Deadline
CoPS - Practical GE Modelling CoursesMay 31, 2021

Job/Professional Opportunities Deadline
GTAP Research Fellows - NominationsApr 30, 2021

GTAP Support

GTAP Network members in need of technical support are encouraged to use the following avenues to request assistance. General, non-technical inquiries may be addressed to

    The Center for Global Trade Analysis maintains a searchable repository of frequently asked questions on many different aspects of GTAP.
  • GTAP Support Email is an account monitored by the Center for Global Trade Analysis' data team. Network members can email to reach a GTAP staff member for technical support on any GTAP product.
  • GTAP-L Mailing List
    GTAP-L is an email-based list to which many members of the GTAP Network subscribe in order to receive updates on the GTAP Data Base, model, events, jobs and technical assistance. For further information, to subscribe or to access a searchable archive of GTAP-L messages, please visit the GTAP-L Mailing List homepage

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