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GTAP Profile: GTAP Resources Guidelines for Submission

Appropriate additions to the GTAP Resource Center include, but are not limited to publications, papers, and utilities. Resources should document empirical analysis, Data Base work or theoretical developments with a direct bearing on the quantitative analysis of global economic issues. Applications that make use of the GTAP Data Base are of particular interest. To submit a new resource, follow these steps:

  1. General Information - Use the form on the next page to enter title, publication date, and abstract.

  2. Authors - You will be asked to enter a list of authors for this resource. In most cases, authors are members of the GTAP Network, so you will be asked to pick an author from the list.

  3. Attachments - You may upload the full-text of this resource, as well as any accompanying documents, such as sources and tables.

Note: New resources will be marked as "Not yet reviewed", until reviewed by a GTAP Staff member. You will be notified by email when your submission has been reviewed.