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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP 3 Data Base Documentation

The documentation is available online and can also be ordered using the following reference:

McDougall, R.A., A. Elbehri, and T.P. Truong (1998). Global Trade Assistance and Protection: The GTAP 3 Data Base, Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University

Chapter 01 - Introduction
Thomas Hertel
1.1 Overview of GTAP
1.2 History and Future directions of the Data Base

Chapter 02 - Data Base Summary: Macro Data
Robert McDougall and Thomas Hertel
2.1 Uses of GDP
2.2 Sources of GDP

Chapter 03 - Data Base Summary: Sectoral Data
Robert McDougall
3.1 Disposition of Sales
3.2 Structure of Sectoral Costs

Chapter 04 - Protection and Support Data
Robert McDougall
4.1 Import tariffs
4.2 Agricultural Export Subsidies
4.3 Agricultural Output Subsidies

Chapter 05 - Data Base Derivatives: Effective Rates of Protection (not available with Version 3)

Chapter 06 - Data Base Summary: IO multipliers
Hongtao Wang, Robert McDougall and Thomas Hertel
6.1 Direct requirements coefficients
6.2 Total requirements coefficients

Chapter 07 - Supplementary Data: Time Series Trade Data
Mark Gehlhar

Chapter 08 - Guide to GTAP Data Base
Robert McDougall

Chapter 09 - Ancillary Software: Aggregation Programs
Robert McDougall and Betina Dimaranan
9.1 System Requirements
9.2 Annotated Packing List
9.3 Installing the Package
9.4 Preparing Aggregations
9.5 GEMPACK Version Issues
9.6 Contact

Chapter 10 - Ancillary Software: Viewing Facilities
(not available with Version 3)

Chapter 11 - Reconciling Bilateral Trade Data for Use in GTAP
Mark Gehlhar
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Comparisons of international sources of trade statistics
11.3 Assessment of the reliability of bilateral trade
11.4 methodology
11.5 Hong Kong re-exports

Chapter 12 - Services Trade Data
Padma Swaminathan
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Data Sources
12.3 Procedures

Chapter 13 - Import Tariffs on Merchandise Trade
Ulrich Reincke
13.1 Data description and data sources
13.2 Tariff rates before and after the Uruguay Round
13.3 Calculation of the tariff matrices

Chapter 14 - Agricultural Protection
Merlinda Ingco
14.1 Introduction
14.2 What was Achieved in Market Access, Export Subsidies, and Domestic Support?
14.3 Estimates of Pre- and Post-UR Protection
14.4 Results of Tariffication and Tariff Bindings

Chapter 15 - Other Protection Data
Karen Huff

Chapter 16 - Single Region Input-Output Tables
16.1 Overview of the IO Tables
Robert McDougall
16.2 EU-12
Martina Brockmeier
16.3 Austria, Finland, and Sweden
Leena Kerkela
16.4 Central European Associates and Former Soviet Union
Tom Wahl, Lan Yu
16.5 India
Rajesh Chadha
Chapter 17 - Other Source Data
Betina Dimaranan, Thomas Hertel and Marinos Tsigas

17.1 Macroeconomic data
17.2 Capital stock and depreciation
17.3 Primary factor shares for agriculture

Chapter 18 - Behavioral Parameters
Betina Dimaranan, Robert McDougall and Thomas Hertel
18.1 Source substitution elasticities
18.2 Factor substitution elasticities
18.3 Factor transformation elasticities
18.4 Investment flexibility parameters
18.5 Consumer demand elasticities

Chapter 19 - Processing
Robert McDougall and Thomas Hertel
19.1 Overview of Data Base Processing
19.2 Assembling the International Data Base
19.3 Representative IO tables for composite regions
19.4 Updating the Regional Data Bases
19.5 Assembling the Global Data Base

Chapter 20 - Aggregation and Calibration
Betina Dimaranan, Robert McDougall, and Thomas Hertel
20.1 Aggregation Procedures
20.2 The CDE Functional Form