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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP 5 Data Base

What's in Version 5?
Version 5 Documentation
A Data Base Documentation is available on the GTAP website. Individual chapters may be downloaded in PDF format.

Browse Version 5 Data
An encrypted version of the full GTAP 5 Data Base may be viewed using GView. You will be allowed to browse through the Data Base matrices, but you will not be allowed to export and use the data in other programs. GView is a freely available viewer, which allows users to browse through encrypted aggregations of the GTAP Data Base (HRX files). As opposed to ViewHAR, GView does not allow saving or exporting data to external programs. We currently offer two aggregations of the encrypted GTAP data for userís choice. To know more about GView and to download the sample aggregations, please visit the GView pages.

Support Options
If you are experiencing problems or you have questions about the new data package, first consult the Product Updates page. Three other support options are also available:
  1. Read through existing FAQs about GTAP 5.
  2. Subscribe to the GTAP-L mailing list.

Year Regions Sectors Documentation Availability
1997 66 57 Available online Download GTAPAgg 5
Download GTAPAgg 5.1
Download GTAPAgg 5.2
Download GTAPAgg 5.3
Download GTAPAgg 5.4

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