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GTAP Products: Using GView to Browse GTAP Data

What is GView?
GView was developed by Mark Horridge at the Centre of Policy Studies, Australia (CoPS). GView is a simplified ViewHAR, which allows users to browse through encrypted aggregations of the GTAP Data Base (HRX files). As opposed to ViewHAR, GView does not allow saving or exporting data to external programs. GView can also display ordinary, non-encrypted HAR files. A GView tutorial and help file are included in the default installation of GView.

Free Aggregations of the GTAP 6 Data Package
The following aggregations of the latest GTAP Data Package may be downloaded and viewed with GView. These aggregations are encrypted, so you will not be allowed to save, export, or open these aggregations in any external program. Two aggregations are currently offered of the encrypted GTAP data for user's choice.

Note: These two aggregations are readily available in the default installation of GView, you do not need to download these files separately. Each of the two aggregation sets has the GTAP Base Data (gdb) and the GTAP View Data (gdv). The GTAP View set is derived from the GTAP Base Data to show summary variables of macroeconomic aspects of the GTAP data as well as cost structures.