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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP 7 Data Base

What is the GTAP Data Base?
The GTAP Data Base is a fully documented, publicly available global data base which contains complete bilateral trade information, transport and protection linkages among 113 regions for all 57 GTAP commodities for a single year (2004 in the case of the GTAP 7 Data Base).

The GTAP Data Base is most commonly used with the GTAP Model and RunGTAP software. First, the user must aggregate the data (regions, commodities and endowments) using the GTAPAgg (or FlexAgg) program provided with the data base to the desired level and then use with the GTAP or GTAPinGams model/s to analyze the impact of global policies (trade, environmental, migration policies are commonly examined). Alternatively a user may be interested in extracting country SAMs or I-O tables from the GTAP Data Base for single country models. If you are interested in these alternative uses of the GTAP Data Base, we suggest you read through the points detailed on this page about what GTAP Data Base is not.

What's New in Version 7?
What is included in the GTAP 7 Data Base?
Purchasers of the full GTAP 7 Data Base will receive:
The GTAP Data Base is NOT

Installation Requirements
A Pentium PC with a hard disk, at least 256 Mb of RAM, Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7.

Additional Data
Additional data is also available on the GTAP website for public use and for GTAP Data Base subscribers.

Free GTAPAgg 7 Demo: 3X3 aggregation

RunGTAP is a graphical user environment developed by Mark Horridge at the Centre of Policy Studies, for use in interactively solving the GTAP Model. It may be downloaded from the link above.

Presentations on GTAP Data Base
YouTube iconPlease visit GTAP's YouTube channel for freely available videos on the GTAP Data Base, model, and more.

Year Regions Sectors Documentation Availability
2004 112 57 Available online Download GTAPAgg 7.1
2004 113 57 Available online Download GTAPAgg 7