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GTAP Events: 2005 Advisory Board Meeting

General Information
Date: June 6-7, 2005
Location: Lubeck, Germany
Deliverables: Webpage 2005 Agenda

PDF file Report and Issues Paper
- Supplementary Material
- Objectives, goals, and accomplishments
- Data Base developments and strategies
- Model developments
- Course, conference, and website reports
PDF file 2005 Summary
- Accomplishments
- Significant points
- Goals for the coming year

Agency Reports and Representatives
  • Frank van Tongeren, Agricultural Economics Research Institute - LEI
  • Hom Pant, ABARE
  • Sebastien Jean, Centre d'Etudes Prospectives et d'Information Internationales (CEPII)
  • Soren Frandsen, Danish Research Institute of Food Economics (FOI)
  • Agapi Somwaru, ERS/USDA
  • Martina Brockmeier, Federal Agricultural Research Centre (FAL)
  • Alexander Sarris, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
  • Paolo Giodano (Robert Devlin), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Will Martin, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (The World Bank)
  • Xinshen Diao, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
  • John Beyer, Nathan Associates
  • Arjan LeJour, Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB)
  • Przemek Kowalski (Philip Bagnoli), OECD Environment Directorate
  • Joseph Francois, Tinbergen Institute, Erasmus University
  • Patrick Osakwe (Hakim Ben Hammouda), United Nations Economic Commission for Afria (UNECA)
  • Robert Koopman, US International Trade Commission
  • Roberta Piermartini & Alex Keck, World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • Arai Haruhito, Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI)
  • John Reilly, MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
  • Alan A. Powell, Monash University
  • Patrick Jomini, Productivity Commission
  • Kenichi Kawasaki, Research Institute of Economy Trade and Industry (RIETI)
  • Hiroaki Kuwahara, United Nations Conference on Trade and Commerce (UNCTAD)
  • Liwayway Adkins, US Environmental Protection Agency

Research Fellows
Each year, members of the GTAP Advisory Board nominate new GTAP Research Fellows. This nomination is for three years. This year's recipients are:
Antoine Bouet
For pioneering work on border protection measurement, and for active contributions to assessing the economy-wide impact of protection.

David Laborde
For outstanding contributions to the analysis of the Doha Development Agenda using the MAcMap data base and for instrumental contribution to GTAP border protection dataset, and innovative CGE modeling works

Brent Sohngen
For his excellent data contributions in the construction of the GTAP land use Data Base

Alan Winters
In recognition of his long-standing support of GTAP and his seminal contributions in the application of computational general equilibrium analysis to the fields of international migration and the poverty impacts of trade policy.

Research Fellows are nominated for 3 years. This year, the Board re-nominated:
Rod Tyers
For his recent contributions to the modeling of demographic changes using the Dynamic GTAP Model, and for his previous contributions to the labor data in the GTAP Data Base.

Hans van Meijl
For his role in the development and teaching of global general equilibrium analysis.

Alan A. Powell Award
Each year at the GTAP Advisory Board meeting we present an award to one of the members of the Board in recognition of outstanding service. This award is in honor of one of the Founding Members of the Advisory Board, and the intellectual grandfather of GTAP - Alan A. Powell.

This year's recipient of the Alan A. Powell Award is Kenichi Kawasaki, Director for Economic Outlook, in the Cabinet Office of Japan. Like Alan, Ken is keenly interested in research, teaching and public policy. While he has spent his career in public service, Ken has used his tremendous energy and capacity for work to live a dual life - working as a civil servant by day, and teaching at the university by night. (He has been a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo, as well as several other universities.) As if this weren't enough, a few years ago, he added to his responsibilities that of Fellow at the Research Institute of Economy Trade and Industry -- RIETI. So Ken really has three jobs!

Much of Ken's work has been in the area of assessing the impacts of regional trading agreements and regulatory reforms on the Japanese economy. He began this work in the late 1990's. At this time, Japan played a leading role in the APEC negotiations, and Ken authored a number of key studies, including an important book which brought the GTAP framework to the Japanese community - in the Japanese language -- for the first time. Since then, Ken has been a key contributor to the analysis of Japan's Free Trade Agreements. Indeed, largely as a result of his contributions, it is now routine for the FTA working group to begin by commissioning a GTAP-based study. Ken's contributions have been cited in the NIKKEI newspaper and elsewhere in the Japanese press and have played an important part in the public debate about Japan's aggressive FTA agenda. He is also increasingly sought out by some of highest ranking officials in the relevant Ministries in Tokyo for his advice in this area.

Ken is also the first and only individual to bring TWO agencies to the GTAP Consortium. Indeed, he recruited RIETI - the Research Institute of Economy Trade and Industry - to join the GTAP consortium even while he was the board as a representative for the Cabinet Office. In sum, Kenichi Kawasaki has been a tireless advocate for quantitative analysis of government policies and a tremendous contributor to the success of GTAP in Japan. For all of these reasons, we would like to recognize him with the Alan A. Powell award for outstanding service.

Congratulations, Ken!

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