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GTAP Events: 2011 Advisory Board Meeting

General Information
Date: June 13-14, 2011
Location: Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
Island of San Giorgio Maggiore
Venice 30124 Italy

Directions to FEEM
Deliverables: PDF file Report and Issues Document (agenda, presentation links included)

Webpage Supplementary Material

PDF file 2011 Summary

Agency Reports

No reports exist at this time.

Research Fellows
The Board approved to name the following as Research Fellows for 2011-2014:

Houssein Guimbard
For being an important member of the CEPII-ITC team that has been developing the MacMAPHS6 dataset to contribute the tariff data for versions 7 and 8 of GTAP Data Base. He has also prepared a multi-sector multi-country FDI data for GTAP Data Base.

Xavier Pichot
For his sustained contributions to the protection dataset for the GTAP Data Base.

Nico van Leeuwen
In recognition of his various contributions to the GTAP Data Base including his work on bilateral services trade data and review of recent work on the labor skill splits and taxes.

Zhi Wang
In recognition of his recent work on Multi-region IO data, and for his assistance with reconciling re-export trade data, and the Chinese and Hong Kong IO tables.

The Board approved to name the following into the Research Fellow Hall of Fame:

Dominique van der Mensbrugghe
In recognition of his sustained contributions to the GTAP Data Base and in advancing economy-wide analysis of developing country policies with the Linkage model.

Alan A. Powell Award
Each year at the GTAP Advisory Board meeting we present an award to one of the members of the Board in recognition of outstanding service. This award is in honor of one of the Founding Members of the Advisory Board, and the intellectual grandfather of GTAP - Alan A. Powell.

The 2011 recipient of the Alan A. Powell Award is Hsin Huang, an individual who embodies the spirit of GTAP through his support of the GTAP Data Base and improved agricultural policy analysis.

Hsin has been a member of the GTAP Network since attending the short course (and first ever canoe trip) in 2003. In 2004, Hsin was selected as a GTAP Research Fellow for his important contributions to the agricultural support database used in the GTAP Data Base. Hsin continues to supervise the process of generating the agriculture Producer Support Estimate (PSE) database for OECD member countries. In 2009, he oversaw updates to the classification that permitted better representation of policy developments, as support payments were increasingly based on criteria other than commodity specific production. Due to the importance of agricultural support in policy analysis, this aspect of the GTAP Data Base is often the first to be scrutinized by the advisory board and network members, particularly in Europe and North America. We are very fortunate that Hsin has continued to work closely with GTAP staff to ensure that these data accurately reflect what is known about agricultural support.

Hsin Huang is the GTAP Advisory Board representative for the OECD and is currently working on climate change analysis in the OECD's Trade and Agriculture Directorate. His research is mainly focused on the role of agricultural policies in facilitating (or impeding) the mitigation of GHGs from agriculture, and in adaptation of agriculture to climate change.

It is therefore our great pleasure to award this year's Alan Powell Award for outstanding service to the GTAP Advisory Board to Hsin Huang.

Thank you, Hsin, for your many contributions to GTAP!

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