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Inkyo Cheong

Created: 1/12/2002
Updated: 10/16/2019
Visits: 3,418
Mr. Inkyo Cheong

Department of International Trade, Inha University
100 Inha Rho, Nam-Ku,
Incheon, 402-751,
South Korea
82 32 860-7785 (ph)
82 32 863-8717 (fx)

Dr. Inkyo CHEONG is Director of Jungseok Research Institute of International Logistics and Trade. He also serves as , and Professor of Economics at Inha University, Incheon, Korea. He has been actively involved in Korea¡¯s FTA policy formation, especially in official negotiations and official economic feasibility studies focused on Korea¡¯s major FTAs such as the Korea-US FTA, the Korea-ASEAN FTA, and a Korea-Japan FTA, etc.
He has been Research Fellow for eight years in the Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), Seoul, Korea. In the context of economic co-operation, he studies issues on APEC and East Asian economic integration. He has been instrumental in establishing the groundwork for and has been actively involved in negotiating Korea's first FTA with Chile. Since then, he has been involved with the formation of Korea¡¯s FTA policy. He advises on FTA policies for several governmental ministries such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and also participates in official negotiations for bilateral FTAs as one of the Korean delegates.
He were awarded with several prizes due his research performances; Recent ones are the Prize of the Best Research from the Northeast Research Foundation in June 2008, the Best Research Prize from Inha University in January 2007, and the Grand Prize for the Best Publication on Market Economy from the Federation of Korean Industries in October 2006.
He published many articles and books on trade policy, FTAs, regionalism, APEC, and East Asian economic cooperation. Samples of recent publications can be ¡°Economic Assessment of EU-Korea FTA¡± by the Korean Trade Research Report (2008, Korean), How to Utilize the Korea-US FTA?: Guidelines for Businessmen by the KITA (2008, Korean), "A Search for Closer Economic Relations in East Asia" by the Japanese Economic Review (2007), "The Feasibility of a Japan-Korea FTA" by ERINA (2007), East Asian Regionalism: Prospects and Challenges by Springer (2005), Korea-Japan FTA: Toward a Model Case for East Asian Economic Integration by KIEP (2005), "The FTA Approach towards East Asian Economic Integration: Progress and Challenges" in Towards East Asian Economic Community by the Gioi Publisher (2004), "A Strategic Approach Towards a U.S.-Korea FTA," Coping with Korea¡¯s Security Challenges by Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (2004), and "Korea's FTA policy: background and current progress," in The Korean Economy at the Crossroads by RoutledgeCurzon (2004).

His detailed academic resume and activities are available in his homepage.
** Phone: (82) 32 860-7785, Fax: (82) 32 860-7772
** E-mail:
** Homepage:

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