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Arsene Honore Gideon Nkama

Created: 1/19/2006
Updated: 11/11/2010
Visits: 1,459
Dr. Arsene Honore Gideon Nkama
Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Economics, University of Yaounde II
P.O. Box 12506
Yaounde 12506
(237) 77 83 03 45 (ph)


1. Personal Data

Name and First Name: NKAMA Arsene Honore Gideon

Date of Birth: 1967 March 04;
Nationality: Cameroonian
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married, father of four children
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 12 506 Yaounde Cameroon.
Telephone: (237) 77 83 03 45 (cellular); (237) 22 00 79 06 (home)

2. Education and Qualifications

• April-may 2008: PEP School Training on Microeconomic Impacts of Macroeconomic Policies using Computable General Equilibrium Model; Dakar, Senegal.

• April 2003: Doctorate degree in Economics. Topic: Prices Distortions and Cameroon’s Industrial Competitiveness in Central African Economic and Monetary Community.

• February-November 2000: Ph.D. Fellow, United Nations University, Institute of Advanced Studies, Tokyo - Japan. Diploma: Certificate of Course Completion.

• 5-9 June 2000: Short Intensive Training Course on Asia Pacific Development Experience and Perspectives, sponsored by the World Bank and the Government of Japan. Place: The United Nations University, Institute of Advanced Studies. Diploma: Certificate of Course Completion.

• July-August 1998: Workshop on “Quantitative Techniques in Social Sciences” organised by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA); Dakar, Senegal.

• 1994-1995: Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Yaounde II: September 1995, Advanced Degree in Economics. Option: Economic Analysis.

• 1991-1992: Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Yaounde II; June 1992: Master’s Degree in Economics. Option: Economic Analysis.

• 1988-1991: Faculty of Laws and Economics, University of Yaounde; June 1991 Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Option: accountancy and financial management.

• 1984-1988: Technical High School Yaounde; June 1988: General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level in accounting.

4. Selected Publications

1) Already published

• «An Analysis of the Impact of Information and Communication Technology Investments on Productivity in Developing Countries: Evidence from Cameroon». CODESRIA Monograph Series, - Advanced Research Fellowship Program; 2008.

• «Analysing the Poverty Impact of the HIPC Initiative in Cameroon», African Development Review ADR 2006, African Development Bank, pp 330-352. Blackwell publishing Ltd, Oxford, UK.

• «Growth, Distribution and Poverty in Cameroon: A Simplified Macro-Micro Approach». Poverty and Economic Policy (PEP) Network 2005, University of Laval, Canada.

• Cameroon Development Policy Review 2005; The World Bank (I am co author)

• «Regional Economic Blocs in Central Africa: What Went Wright and What Went Wrong? » in Central Africa, Crises Reforms and Reconstruction, CODESRIA 2005; pp. 17-30.

• «Etude Comparative de l’Impact des Incitations sur la Compétitivité Manufacturière du Cameroun et du Gabon » in Performance des Pays de la Zone Franc ; Presse Universitaire de Yaounde ; Yaounde, December 2005 ; pp 105-134.

• «L’impact de la Devaluation du Franc CFA sur les Importations et les Exportations du Cameroun» in L’Avenir de la Zone Franc - Perspectives Africaines; CODESRIA/ CARTHALA; Paris, July 2001. pp 159-183.

• Trade Reform and Industrial Efficiency in CEMAC-UDEAC; (United Nations University/Institute of Advanced Studies Working Papers series); Tokyo, Japan, 2000.

2) To appear soon

• “An Assessment of Application Software market in Cameroon: Case study of the financial sector”. Collaborative Research with African Economic Research Consortium, Nairobi; Kenya

• “Analysing the Impact of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis on Cameroon”; African Economic Research Consortium; Kenya.

9. Referee

Name: Kobou Georges
Position: Dean Faculty of Economics
Company: University of Yaoundé II
Work phone: +237 77 51 05 08

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