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GTAP Events: 2001 Advisory Board Meeting

General Information
Date: June 25-26, 2001
Location: Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.
Agenda: PDF file 2001 Agenda

PDF file 2001 Issues Report

PDF file 2001 Summary

Agency Reports and Representatives

Goals for 2001/02
  1. Approve dates and timing for next year's meeting

  2. Working Committees (see terms of reference below)

  3. GTAP-IFPRI collaboration on African data base

  4. Specifications for Version 6

  5. Increased quality of national data bases

  6. Margins: begin development of a prototype data base/model with explicit incorporation of margins.

  7. Improve treatment of government and foreign accounts

  8. Increase attention to the proper citation of data base projects

  9. Data Base infrastructure

  10. Administrative tasks

Working Committees
Nine Working Committees were appointed for one year. Each Committee is coordinated by a Chairperson, selected among GTAP Board Members, and a member of GTAP Staff. These Committees are expected to keep GTAP Director informed about progress and to submit a 1-2 pp summary a month prior to next year's meeting.

Alan A. Powell Award
Each year we acknowledge the contributions of one of the GTAP Current Advisory Board Representatives with the Alan A. Powell award. Alan Powell was the inspiration behind this project. He founded the IMPACT Project in Australia-and directed it for more than two decades. The GTAP effort drew heavily on the IMPACT philosophy.

We are pleased to announce that the 2001 award recipient is a relative newcomer to the board -- John Reilly.

John has extensive experience in directing research, writing grant proposals and linking research findings to key policy problems in the area of climate change. He joined the board in 1999/2000 and made his impact felt immediately by helping to shape the NSF proposal that was submitted last year. In fact, John was a co-PI on the proposal and he drafted significant sections of it. When that was not funded, he turned his attention to alternative funding sources for the climate change portion of the NSF proposal.

Based on his recommendation and encouragement, we submitted a proposal to the DOE integrated assessment program this spring. In both cases, the proposal offered very little in the way of funding for MIT -- but John felt strongly that this work was needed and that it was the right thing to do.

In short, he is reading a page from Alan Powell's own book -- and for that we would like to recognize him with the 2001 Alan A. Powell Award for outstanding service to the GTAP Advisory Board.

Congratulations, John!

Research Fellows
Each year, Members of the GTAP Consortium nominate new GTAP Research Fellows. This year's recipients are:

Hans van Meijl
In recognition for his role in the development and teaching of global general equilibrium analysis.

Kevin Hanslow
For his contributions to the development and use of the GTAP Model.

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