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GTAP Events: 2006 Advisory Board Meeting

General Information
Date: June 12-13, 2006
Location: Sheraton Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Deliverables: Webpage 2006 Agenda
PDF file Report and Issues Paper
PDF file 2006 Summary
- Supplementary Material
      - Objectives, goals, and accomplishments
      - Data Base developments and strategies
      - Model developments
      - Course, conference, and website reports

Agency Reports and Representatives

Research Fellows
Each year, members of the GTAP Advisory Board nominate new GTAP Research Fellows. This status lasts for three years. For the term of 2006-2009 the Board has awarded this distinction to the following:

Kym Anderson
In recognition of Kym's long-standing support of GTAP and his seminal contributions in the application of computational general equilibrium analysis to the fields of trade, agriculture and poverty. Currently working with others in the World Bank to include more countries into the GTAP Data Base and is working to improve domestic support data for the developing countries.

Peter Dixon
For outstanding and innovative theoretical contributions to GTAP and the broader field of CGE analysis.

Navin Ramankutty
Navin has developed the physical data behind the new GTAP-AEZ data base. This disaggregates land around the world into Agro-Ecological Zones. These AEZs are distinguished by precipitation, temperature, soils and topography. The data base also provides estimates of the activities undertaken in each AEZ, as well as outputs (in the case of crops). This data base is currently being used by economists analyzing the impact of climate change policy on land-using activities. It also opens the door for a host of new GTAP applications focusing on environmental dimensions of land use.

The Board has approved to re-award the following as Research Fellows:

Elena Ianchovichina
For her work on the GDyn book, assisting graduate students, and teaching on the Dynamic GTAP courses.

Hans Grinsted Jensen
For his work on the Domestic Support Data for the EU and for the numerous GTAP related applications analyzing the impact of the common agricultural policy and WTO on Europe he has done.

Alan A. Powell Award
Each year at the GTAP Advisory Board meeting we present an award to one of the members of the Board in recognition of outstanding service. This award is in honor of one of the Founding Members of the Advisory Board, and the intellectual grandfather of GTAP - Alan A. Powell.

This year's recipient of the Alan A. Powell Award is Arjan Lejour, Program leader in European Analysis at the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) in The Hague. Like Alan, Arjan Lejour is a strong advocate of the importance of high quality, publicly available, data, and has shown a willingness to offer his own staff and resources in pursuit of this goal. Moreover, Arjan Lejour has contributed significantly to the pursuit of knowledge in data, modeling and policy analysis.

Arjan Lejour has served on the advisory board since 2000 and co-hosted the Conference on Global Economic Analysis in The Hague in 2003. Under Arjan's leadership, his team has put together a data base of bilateral trade in services which we look forward to seeing incorporated into the GTAP 7 Data Base over the next year. This contribution is expected to significantly improve the quality of the services trade data in the GTAP Data Base. Arjan Lejour has been a regular participant at the GTAP board meetings and has strongly encouraged his team to review and contribute to the quality of the GTAP Data Base. He and his team have made important contributions to the treatment of re-exports in the trade data, the skilled labor shares data, the development of baseline data, and to the quality of the energy and regional data. We look forward to working further with Arjan and his team in these endeavors.

In summary, Arjan Lejour embodies the same characteristics that have made GTAP successful. We would thank him for his many contributions by presenting him with the 2006 Alan A. Powell Award.

Congratulations, Arjan!

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