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Roberta Piermartini

Created: 4/24/2002
Updated: 11/4/2013
Visits: 5,028
Dr. Roberta Piermartini

World Trade Organization (WTO)
154 rue de Lausanne
Case postale
Geneva 1211
0041 22 739 5492 (ph)

Areas of Work: Regionalism, Trade Diversion and Trade Creation; Technology Transfer, Trade and Inequality, Trade and Standards, Mode 4 trade, Transport Costs and Transport infrastructure, Commodities Issues;

PhD in Economics, University of Southampton, UK, 1995-1999 "Essays on the Effects of Integration on Labour Markets, R&D, Trade and Growth".

Recent works and publications

1."Infrastructure and Trade", with H. Nordas, WTO Staff Working Paper ERSD-2004-04, 2004
2."The Impact of Mode 4 Liberalization on Merchandise Trade and on Other Modes of Trade in Services ", with M. Jansen, WTO Staff Working Paper ERSD-2004-05, 2004
3."The Role of Export Taxes in the Field of Primary Commodities" WTO Discussion Papers No. 4, 2004
4."Trade and Standards", Economic Review, 22(3), forthcoming.
5."Understanding estimates of the trade flow and welfare effects of trade liberalization", with R. Teh, forthcoming WTO Discussion Paper
6."Applying GTAP in the ACP-Cotonou Context", with A. Keck WTO mimeo.
7."Regional Trade Agreements", in World Trade Report 2003, WTO, 2003.
8."Open Economies Exchange More Ideas", in World Trade Report 2003, WTO, 2003.
9."Trade Liberalisation and Poverty", with M. Jansen in World Trade Report 2003, WTO, 2003.
10."Trade, FDI and Technology Transfer", WTO Document WT/WGTTT/W1, 2002.
11."A Taxonomy on Country Experiences on International Technology Transfers", WTO Document WT/WGTTT/W3, 2002.
12."Trade Liberalisation and Growth: Market Access Effect", University of Southampton Discussion Paper, N. 7, 2000.

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