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Christian Arnault Emini

Created: 4/20/2004
Updated: 4/29/2020
Visits: 4,516
Dr. Christian Arnault Emini
Professor and Researcher

The University of Yaounde II and Partnership for Economic Policy
P.O. Box 35361
Yaounde P.O. Box 35361
(+237) 6 77 45 52 52 (ph)

Dr. Christian Arnault Emini is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economic Analysis and Policies of the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Yaounde 2 in Cameroon. He held his Doctorate from the same University in 1998. His PhD thesis aimed at assessing the welfare impacts of replacing several cascade-type taxes by an imperfect Value Added Tax (VAT), following the tax reform implemented in Cameroon and other country-members of the Central Africa Customs and Economic Union in 1994. Dr Emini's thesis contributed to the empirical understanding of the tradeoffs between VAT and other indirect taxes, and constitutes an illustration of a genuine way to model an imperfect VAT (usually implemented in developing countries) into a CGE framework, on the contrary of a pure VAT case. Furthermore, Dr Emini has contributed in building the earlier versions of the CGE model of the Quebec Ministry of Finance, in Canada, within a work team led by Professor Bernard Decaluwé of the Laval University in Quebec (Canada). Beside GTAP, he is also a member of several research networks as the “Poverty and Economic Policies” network based in Laval University where he officiates both as ordinary researcher and teaching speaker. Dr Emini has also conducted several applied CGE works and CGE workshops in the framework of World Bank consultancies. His current research is, on the one hand, about the impacts of trade reforms related to the EU/ACP Economic Partnership Agreements and Doha Round currently in negotiation. On the other hand, he is concerned with the possible Cameroon’s economic trends during the post-completion point period, in the framework of the HIPC Initiative. On the decision-making field, since September 2005, Dr Emini is an adviser of the Prime Minister of Cameroon for Economic Analysis and Prospects’ Affairs.

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