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Created: 9/20/2000
Updated: 4/23/2012
Visits: 2,724
Dr. Dirk Willenbockel
Research Fellow

Institute of Development Studies - University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9RE
United Kingdom
44-1273-91-5700 (ph)
44-1273-621202 (fx)

Selected CGE-related Publications:

Willenbockel, Dirk (1994) Applied General Equilibrium Modelling: Imperfect Competition and European Integration, John Wiley & Sons: Chichester and New York.

Polaski, Sandra; de Souza Ferreira Filho, Joaquim Bento; Berg, Janine; McDonald, Scott; Thierfelder, Karen, Willenbockel, Dirk, Zepeda; Eduardo (2009) Brazil in the Global Economy: Measuring the Gains from Trade. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace / International Labour Office: Washington, DC / Geneva.

Robinson, Sherman; Willenbockel, Dirk (2012) A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis of Adaptation to Climate Change in Ethiopia. Review of Development Economics (accepted – forthcoming).

Arndt, Channing; Robinson, Sherman; Willenbockel, Dirk (2011) Ethiopia’s Growth Prospects in a Changing Climate: A Stochastic General Equilibrium Approach. Global Environmental Change Vol.21, No.2, 701-710.

Robinson, Sherman; Willenbockel, Dirk (2009) The OECD Recession and Developing Country Trade: A Global Simulation Analysis. IDS Bulletin Vol.40, No. 5, 14-27.

Willenbockel, Dirk (2008) Social Time Preference Revisited. Journal of Population Economics Vol.21, No.3, 609-622.

Willenbockel, Dirk (2005) Public Debt, the Terms of Trade and Welfare in an Overlapping Generations Model with Lifetime Uncertainty. Economics Bulletin Vol.5, No.10, pp. 1-8.

Willenbockel, Dirk (2004) Specification Choice and Robustness in CGE Trade Policy Analysis with Imperfect Competition. Economic Modelling Vol.21, No.6, pp. 1065-1099.

Willenbockel, Dirk (1999) Applied General Equilibrium Trade Policy Analysis in the Presence of Foreign Asset Cross-Ownership, Economic Modelling Vol.16, No.3, pp. 371-388.

Willenbockel, Dirk (1999) On Apparent Problems with the Use of the Armington Aggregator in Computable General Equilibrium Models, Applied Economics Letters, Vol.6, No.9, pp. 589-591.

Willenbockel, Dirk (1998) Growth Effects of Anticipated Trade Liberalization and the Baldwin Multiplier, Economics Letters Vol.59, No.2, pp. 231-235.

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