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Laurent Cretegny

Created: 3/23/2001
Updated: 12/13/2022
Visits: 4,078
Dr. Laurent Cretegny

KPMG International Services Limited (KPMG-INT)


After spending six years with KPMG in Australia, Laurent moved to KPMG Switzerland as a Director in September 2018 and now leads the Climate Economics team for KPMG UK. A highly accomplished economist with 20 years’ experience in providing evidence-based economic analysis and assessment of policy issues, Laurent applies advanced economic modeling. His stakeholders include all levels of industry as well as government authorities and private companies worldwide.

Prior to joining KPMG Australia in 2012, Laurent was a senior economist in the climate change team of a major international financial institution. His work focused primarily on the economics of adaptation to climate change. In this context, he led the development of analytical tools, and went on missions to several developing countries around the world to establish relationships with governments and assist them implementing these tools. He was also the team leader of the Samoa case study, which was one of the seven test cases in a large study on the economics of adaptation to climate change.

Laurent’s main expertise involves leading projects that apply sophisticated economic modelling to analyze a wide range of global and national policy issues. This includes the formulation of large-scale economic equilibrium models as well as economic policy analysis for a wide range of sectors.

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