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GTAP Products: GTAP Data Packages

The Center's main product is a global data base describing bilateral trade patterns, production, consumption and intermediate use of commodities and services. If you are a Gempack/RunGTAP user, you should take a look at our product requirements to decide which version is right for you.

Note: A free copy of the GTAP Data Package is available to individuals who contribute an acceptable Input-Output table to the GTAP Data Base. Contributors receive a copy of the final version of the GTAP Data Base to which they contributed and access to all interim releases, via a secured website.

Purchasers of the full GTAP Data Base will receive electronic access to the following:

Presentations on GTAP Data Base
The following presentations have been prepared to further educate users about the GTAP Data Base.
Presentation file GTAPAgg Tutorial
      by Zekarias Hussein

If your media player experiences trouble finding and installing the correct file format to properly play the tutorial, click the links below to install the following audio and video codecs.