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GTAP Models: Hands-on Simulation with AnalyseGE

You can download AnalyseGE and the associated Hands-on Introduction to AnalyseGE from the CoPS website, and listen to Ken Pearson go over sections 3.1 to 3.2.

Eliminating One Import Tariff
In this hands-on simulation we consider the following GTAP simulation. Below we describe how AnalyseGE can be used to analyze some of the results of this application. We aim to give sufficient detail to enable a reader who has installed the AnalyseGE package to follow the analysis on their computer. The simulation results are in the file SIM1.SL4 supplied with the AnalyseGE demonstration package. Start AnalyseGE running and load the results of this application (that is, load the Solution file SIM1.SL4 supplied with the AnalyseGE demonstration package).

If your media player experiences trouble finding and installing the correct file format to properly play the tutorial, click the links below to install the following audio and video codecs.