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GTAP Resources: Frequently Asked Question Details

Subject: FAQ

Question: I have just encountered an arithmetic problem when running a simulation with GTAP. Since the shocks are pretty large (70-190%), I have to split the shocks into several subintervals, with "steps = 2 4 6". The simulation runs well for the first 3 subintervals, but then stops in the 4th subinterval when doing extrapolation because of "arithmetic overflow".

I am using source-code GEMPACK release 7.0. I also checked the manual (GPD-3, page 15-118), which acknowledges this kind of problem, but does not offer a solution to it.

Can anyone give me some advice?

Thanks in advance.


The most common source of this error occurs when you have set ESUBVA = 0 in the capital goods sector (cgds). Even though this sector does not have any value-added, GEMPACK can be misled into believing there is a computational problem when it cannot equate the supply and demand for specific factors in this sector. If your current setting is indeed zero, please set it equal to something else (1.0 is a good choice) and see if this fixes the problem.

Best of luck,
Tom Hertel


Date Added: 3/22/2001