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GTAP Resources: Frequently Asked Question Details

Subject: FAQ

Question: I am not able to locate the version "highsub" of the model. Please advise.


The way OneGTAP/RunGTAP is set up, you choose the version to indicate a different data set. This might reflect a different aggregation of the GTAP data (e.g., more sectors) or it might reflect a different state of the economy (e.g., a food subsidy is now in place). In order to change the parameter settings for a given economy, you go to the SOLVE page and choose a different set of behavioral parameters. In this case I am asking you to choose a set with more substitution possibilities at the top level of the CES. Thus, for this assignment, you want the BASE version economy, but the HIGHSUB parameters. This will give you a production side of the economy with unchanged cost shares, but a different value for ESUBT.


Date Added: 9/27/2000