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GTAP Resources: Frequently Asked Question Details

Subject: FAQ

Question: I just get zeros when I try to look at basedata.hrx files in their original, unaggregated format. I don't know exactly what you mean by this. What ViewHAR shows you should be exactly what is in the file.


The HRX files are encrypted HAR files, ViewHAR will NOT let you properly see their contents. The encryption lets Purdue distribute the whole GTAP data freely so anyone can look at it (see below) but restricts its use to those who paid the licence fee. A modern version of ViewHAR gives a warning if you open an HRX. If your ViewHAR is ageing, download the latest from and install the bundle04.exe you will see there. To see the WHOLE data you have two methods: A) download the GVIEW tool from Purdue. This is a stripped down version of ViewHAR which will let you see HRX numbers properly. However, it will not save or copy from an HRX file -- so protecting the Purdue data. B) If you have a full GTAP data licence, simply use GTAPAGG to prepare a "one-to-one" aggregation (very easy). A file BASEDATA.HAR will be produced which is just the decrypted version of BASEDATA.HRX. You can use ViewHAR to look at BASEDATA.HAR as normal. You could modify basedata.har or default.prm and use these modified files as INPUT to GTAPAgg (an important new feature: the "load alternate data"). Strangely, GTAPAgg runs a little slower using the non-encrypted data. For example, if you had a very powerful PC, you could use ALTERTAX to update tariff rates on the disaggregated BASEDATA.HAR. Later you could use GTAPAgg to prepare task-specific aggregations of this updated data.


Date Added: 8/2/2004