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GTAP Resources: Frequently Asked Question Details

Subject: FAQ

Question: I do not properly understand SHRPM which defined as the share of private household in total output of tradable i. Does SHRPM(i) refer to the privare household's inputs into the production of the output of i or does it refer to the expenditure on i? If the first definition is true, I don't know how to see the household's input in the output of i (I suppose labour only). If the second definition is true: I understand that PCONSHR(i)= SHRPM(i). Is that correct?


Neither one, nor the other! SHRPM(i)is private HH's share in the disposal/sales of total output of i, say food. PCONSHR(i),however, is the share of tradable i (food) in total private household expenditure (or consumption). For the share of labor, it could be either in the value-added (SVAij share of endowment i, say labor, in value-added of sector j) or in total cost of production of j (SENTij share of endowment input i in total costs of sector j) Take a look at the glossary to see how the 2 shares are computed. Both shares may be found in the GTAPView output/SALESDISP header. SHRPM is a Row share, while PCONSHR is a Column share.


Date Added: 9/16/2004