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GTAP Resources: Frequently Asked Question Details

Subject: GTAP Data Base Values

Question: Are the values in the GTAP Data Base data or estimation results by GTAP Model?

For example, I am checking GView, and there is a table called "NVFA". The table decomposes a total output into various inputs. Do the values in the table come directly from I-O table data? Or are they results of GTAP Model’s estimation?

In this sense, I am not very sure about a relationship between GTAP Data Base and GTAP Model. Is there GTAP documentation which explains this point?

Answer: The GTAP Data Base is a result of reconciliation of data from various I-O tables, international bilateral trade data, tariffs, domestic support, export subsidies, macro-economic data, econometrically estimated value-added shares, elasticity parameters, etc. So what you see in the files like Gview.har is constructed, compiled and adjusted from various sources. We would suggest you go through our detailed documentation of the data base available online, to know more about how the data was constructed:

You will notice from the documentation that none of the values in this data are estimated/calculated from the GTAP Model itself. However, the accounting relationships and linkages that are imposed in the data, while reconciliation, are all seen in the model as well. This is what we can think of about the relationship between the model and data.

For example, the fact that GDP comprises C,I,G, X-M is captured in the data as well as in the model, but that does not mean that these values are estimated/determined by the model. Of course, once you run simulations using the model, the updated data would contain numbers determined by the model.

Source: E-mail Message

Date Added: 5/31/2011