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GTAP Resources: Frequently Asked Question Details

Subject: Log-file warnings and re-ordering of data when I convert GTAP 8 Data Base in to GAMS format (GDX file)

Question: I see some log-file warnings and re-ordering of data when I convert GTAP 8 Data Base in to GAMS format (GDX file). Is this a problem? How can I avoid this issue?

Answer: In GTAP 8 Data Base, the new countries Oman (omn) and Israel (isr) share the same codenames with the sectors Other Mining (omn) and Insurance (isr), respectively. This seems to cause a minor problem in GDX files: it rearranges the data such that Oman is the first country, while the rest of the data remains in the same order as in the original data. You have two alternative options to exercise:
  1. Use the same data file to do your analysis, while recognizing the re-ordering issue mentioned above.
  2. Re-label these two countries in the HAR file to begin with, by assigning the names that you may be more comfortable with. For example, you can rename omn as c_omn and isr as c_isr. This is easy to do, if you follow these steps using the Viewhar program that you use to see the HAR file:
    1. On the Viewhar menu, please click Sets...View Set Library. If you do not see "Sets", click File...use advanced editing menu, to see it.
    2. You will see a list of sets and their elements. Click on PROD_COMM to see the 58 sectors (including CGDS).
    3. Below the elements you will see different options: click on Edit elements.
    4. Now, you can change the sectors omn and isr to their new names and then click OK. Repeat the same steps (2-3) for TRAD_COMM. Alternatively, you could change the names of regions in set REG.
    5. Click on close, once you are done with the changes. Now, Viewhar will prompt you with a question like this: "Set labels on the following RE headers are inconsistent....... Do you want to change the labels on these headers?". Please say "Yes" and you will realize that you have changed the set element names all over the file. Now you can save the file and then convert it to GAMS.

Source: E-mail Message

Date Added: 9/20/2012