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GTAP Resources: Frequently Asked Question Details

Subject: FAQ

Question: How can I run GTAP on a Mac?


Unfortunately there is no way to run .exe files (e.g. RunGTAP, GEMPACK) natively as part of OSX.

If you have access to a Microsoft Windows license (, there are a few options that would allow you to run Windows and subsequently .exe while using your Mac.


Option 1: Bootcamp for OSX, allows you to dual boot your Mac to run either Windows or OSX this option can be tedious and requires you to partition your hard drive. And if you do not plan on using Windows after the course, probably not worth the effort.


Options 2, 3 and 4 are virtual machines, allowing you to run another computer while you are still working in OSX.


Option 2: Virtual Box by Oracle (GPL 2 license basically free), 


Option 3: Parallels Desktop by Parallels (monetary cost),


Option 4: VMWare Fusion by VMWare (monetary cost),


Technical option: There is a the wrapper method as described on, so you would need to follow the instructions and update it to work for the current version.


Additionally, other users have recommended using


Date Added: 4/27/2024