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GTAP Resource #407

"GTAP Book - Hands-on Document to Introduce GEMPACK and GTAP"
by Pearson, Ken

See Section III of Chapter 6 of the GTAP book under the heading Looking at the Data in a GTAP Data Set for information about how to use this document to learn about GEMPACK and GTAP. You will also need the Essential Programs

This is a document with several examples of hands-on computing which you can carry out to familiarize yourself with the GEMPACK software and the GTAP model. The version presented here includes examples of how to run experiments using RunGTAP. The examples in this document are developed using a 3x3 aggregation (CORSE3X3), provided with this version of RunGTAP. Refer to the following sections of the document for a guided introduction to the program:

  • B4: Simulations with RunGTAP, a simulation reducing one distortion

  • Example B9: Looking at the pre-simulation power of a tariff

  • Example B10: Implementing the shock and running a simulation

  • Example B11: Looking at the results

  • Example B12: Looking at the updated data

  • Example B13: Saving the solution and shocks

  • Example B14: Changing the solution method

  • Example B5: Removing several distortions: a CAP reform simulation

  • C1: Using RunGTAP to report volume changes

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Category: General Documentation
Status: Not published
By/In: Center for Global Trade Analysis
Date: 1997
Created: Bacou, M. (10/20/2000)
Updated: Batta, G. (6/30/2010)
Visits: 9,049
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Note added April 2005:
Since 1994 when the original programs were put on the GTAP web site and documented in the Hands-on document and in the GTAP book, we have moved forward in many ways. In particular, there are now Windows programs and Windows interfaces which mean it is no longer necessary to work under DOS.

For the GTAP model, Mark Horridge has developed the RunGTAP software. You can download the Demo Version of RunGTAP from the GTAP site:

There is an updated version of the Hands-on document which relates to RunGTAP. See

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