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GTAP Resource #4346

"Agro-ecological Zone Emission Factor (AEZ-EF) Model (v47)"
by Plevin, Richard, Holly Gibbs, James Duffy, Sahoko Yui and Sonia Yeh

The purpose of the agro-ecological zone emission factor model (AEZ-EF) is to estimate the total CO2-equivalent emissions from land use changes, e.g., from an analysis of biofuels impacts or policy analyses such as estimating the effect of changes in agricultural productivity on emissions from land use. The model combines matrices of carbon fluxes (Mg CO2/ha/y) with matrices of changes in land use (ha) according to land-use category as projected by GTAP or similar AEZ-oriented models. As published, AEZ-EF aggregates the carbon flows to the same 19 regions and 18 AEZs used by GTAP-BIO, the version of GTAP currently used by Purdue University researchers for modeling biofuel-induced ("indirect") land-use change (ILUC) (e.g., Tyner, Taheripour et al. 2010). The AEZ-EF model, however, is designed to work with an arbitrary number of regions, as described in the accompanying report.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: Technical Paper
Status: Published
By/In: GTAP Technical Paper No. 34
Date: 2014
Created: Kincaid, W. (3/28/2014)
Updated: Aguiar, A. (12/12/2019)
Visits: 12,575
- Software and modeling tools
- Renewable energy
- Climate change policy
- Climate impacts
- Land use
- Other data bases and data issues
- The GTAP Data Base and extensions

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Comments (2 posted)
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Posted by: Zhao, Xin   5/4/2017 1:40:00 PM
Please be aware that a more recent version of AEZ-EF is v52.
A version including cellulosic crops biomass and soil carbon is also developed as well.
Please contact Rich or Xin for more information.

Posted by: Zhao, Xin   12/12/2019 1:36:00 PM
Updated version (52) included above, contains brief documentation for:
1. Excel version AEZ-EF v52 which Rich and others developed for CARB (though GTAP web had an older version)
2. A Python version of AEZ-EF which extends the v52 version to include cellulosic biofuels for the AFTF (Alternative Fuels Task Force) work, updated by Rich Plevin, Xin Zhao, and Wally Tyner.