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GTAP Resource #475

"Implementing Bilateral Tariff Rate Quotas in GTAP using GEMPACK"
by Elbehri, Aziz and Ken Pearson

Note added August 2005

Unfortunately there were errors in the equations for calculating quota rents in the December 2000 and April 2005 versions of Technical Paper 18 and in the associated TAB files.

These errors are corrected in the July 2005 version of Technical Paper 18.

The authors apologise for these errors. We are grateful to Martina Brockmeier and to Carsten Struve who pointed out the errors and indicated how to correct them.

Fortunately these errors had little effect on the results obtained in simulations.

You can find more information about these errors in Appendix 3 (section
11) of the July 2005 version of the Technical Paper.

You can also download corrected versions of the related TAB files which were made available with Release 8.0 (October 2002) of GEMPACK.

We do not supply corrected versions of the various TAB files which were supplied originally in December 2000 to accompany Technical Paper 18.
These files (which were in zip file TRQ-EX.ZIP) are now rather outdated and have been superseded by the Complementarity statement methods introduced with Release 8.0 of GEMPACK.

Note added March 2002

The methods described in the paper below have been automated as part of Release 8.0 of GEMPACK. This new version of GEMPACK (which is being beta tested by several modellers now and will be officially released later in 2002) makes it very easy to implement quotas (including import/export quotas and tariff rate quotas). This means that many of the implementation details in the technical paper below are no longer required. In particular, it is no longer necessary or appropriate to use the TRQmate program. If you need to implement quotas etc in GEMPACK, please consult Ken Pearson.


Explicit modeling of tariff rate quotas (TRQs) is important in the current World Trade Organization negotiations. In order to do such modeling with GTAP, extra data is required and extra equations must be added to the model. This paper provides tools for assisting modelers to carry out explicit modeling of bilateral tariff rate quotas in GTAP using GEMPACK.

The paper describes how the extra data for sugar TRQ applications was obtained and reconciled with the standard GTAP data. Supplied with the paper is a TABLO Input file TRQDATA.TAB which others can use for reconciling their TRQ data with the usual GTAP data.

Supplied with the paper is a module which can be added to the standard TABLO Input files for GTAP. This module contains the extra equations required to model TRQs.

Detailed hands-on examples are supplied with the paper, as is a TRQ application relating to a partial liberalization of sugar TRQ. Readers of the paper can replicate these applications.

A windows interface TRQmate is supplied with the paper. This is a relatively general-purpose interface which automates the steps in carrying out TRQ applications with GTAP and GEMPACK.

If you wish to carry out your own bilateral TRQ applications with GTAP and GEMPACK, the tools supplied with this paper will make it relatively
straightforward for you to do so once you have collected the extra data you need.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: Technical Paper
Status: Published
By/In: GTAP Technical Paper No. 18
Date: 2005
Created: Bacou, M. (12/3/2000)
Updated: Batta, G. (1/28/2014)
Visits: 10,795
- Calibration and parameter estimation

If you have trouble accessing any of the attachments below due to disability, please contact the authors listed above.

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Special Instructions
For those interested in replicating the results in this technical paper, an associated zip file can be downloaded. You will need a Source-code or Executable-image GEMPACK licence to carry out this replication. For more information, please visit the GEMPACK website.

You can run tariff-rate quota applications under RunGTAP - see for advice.

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