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"Autonomous Car, Car Sharing and Structure of a City: Car as Public Transportation"
by Hiramatsu, Tomoru

Autonomous car (AC) would have a great influence on the people’s life and structure of cities. Utilization of AC optimizes driving and alleviates congestion. Also, car sharing is notable recent changes related to the car use. The feature of car sharing is that users do not have to own cars, so parking lots are not necessary at home. When traffic jams are gone and parking lots are no longer needed, cars can be handled just like public transportation.
The difference between a train, a representative public transportation, and ACS, is that stations are necessary for train but not for ACS. Therefore, before ACS is introduced, it is preferable to have a station for workplace or residential area and cause the concentration in location choices. Thus the roads are congested. Car commuters drive in traffic jams spending valuable time, pay the price and park. Further more, the concentration causes the expensive rent near the station.
On the other hand, ACS is not bound by stations. Since workers can commute anywhere, companies need not bother to locate at a station. In addition, because the workers are not driving, they can effectively utilize the traveling time. The fee for using an ACS may be expensive at first. However, it should come to be inexpensive due to technological advancement and popularization. If the use of the ACS becomes cheap, people would use it heavily in the same way like a public transport. This affects and changes the urban structure.
This research constructs a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model of a virtual urban economy incorporating features of ACS and conduct simulation analysis. At first, assuming a case where there is no ACS, the consumer selects the residential and working location. The locations of station are convenient. Consumers choose these means of transport for commuting and shopping. Next, ACS is introduced, and changes in the location within the city are observed.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: 2019 Conference Paper
Status: Published
By/In: Presented at the 22nd Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, Warsaw, Poland
Date: 2019
Created: Hiramatsu, T. (4/11/2019)
Updated: Hiramatsu, T. (4/11/2019)
Visits: 699
- Land use
- Other data bases and data issues
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