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GTAP Resource #7135

"Using Howler to check GTAP databases for anomalies"
by Wittwer, Glyn and Robert Waschik

GTAP users may assume that the core database reflects all available data as accurately as possible. The reach of the database among users is testimony to this. Preparation of the database by the GTAP team uses programs which attempt to reconcile various sources, including the single country databases provided by contributors, and Comtrade data on global trade.

Howler is a program that contains several tests concerning CGE database veracity. Databases for an individual year may also contain errors. The GTAP 2017 database includes a balance of trade deficit for Canada that is substantially larger than that found in official sources such as Statistics Canada and UN. When it came to projecting a dynamic version of GTAP into the future, this resulted in implausible macro accounts for Canada.

Of concern may be the tendency of some nations to release national databases that reflect targets rather than observations. Moreover, in the GTAP database, Dwellings activity in former Soviet economies is an abnormally small share of economic activity. This may be defensible but warrants further examination.

Howler helps identify anomalies and outliers in any aggregation of the GTAP database. It also enables us to compare components of expenditure-side GDP from a new GTAP database with UN data. Early identification of database outliers and subsequent amendments may prevent some problems deeper into a research project.

Another check within the program identifies individual input-output values that represent a large share of GDP. Some may be defensible, others not. Howler may compare databases from different years, or check how an individual database aligns with macro accounts from elsewhere.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: 2024 Conference Paper
Status: Not published
By/In: Presented during the 27th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)
Date: 2024
Created: Wittwer, G. (3/6/2024)
Updated: Wittwer, G. (6/7/2024)
Visits: 136
- GTAP Data Base and extensions
- Model validation and sensitivity analysis

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The attached zip file includes the TAB, CMF and BAT files to run Howler. It includes UN expenditure-side GDP data but does not include GTAP data. and Howler.bat have been tested using GTAP 2004, 2014 and 2017 master databases.

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