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GTAP Resource #7213

"Disaggregating Livestock Sector in the GTAP Data Base"
by Chepeliev, Maksym, Alla Golub, Thiago Simonato, Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, Peiyu Cao, Carlos Gonzalez Fischer, Mario Herrero and Daniel Mason-D'Croz

Despite the heterogeneity of the livestock sector, the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) Data Base utilized in many global computable general equilibrium models, represents livestock with only three sectors, lacking important technological and agricultural details needed for a comprehensive assessment of the livestock-related policies. The current paper consists in the development of a new dataset (based on GTAP) with a higher level of detail in the livestock sector and related commodity flows, such as feed, food loss and waste. The GTAP Data Base is disaggregated into six livestock sectors: large ruminants for meat production (cows, buffalo), small ruminants for meat production (sheep, goats), pigs, poultry, large ruminants for milk production, and small ruminants for milk production. This study distinguishes three ruminant and two monogastric production systems (with some geographic and climatic variability). The ruminant systems under consideration will include: grazing, mixed, and industrial. The monogastric systems will include: backyard and industrial. The disaggregation of the livestock sector requires refining the representation of the feed sectors, as these not only affect livestock productivity, but also its environmental impacts. There is sufficient data on crop production, already incorporated in the GTAP Data Base with the nutritional extension, but data on grass and crop residues is scarcer. As these are not usually marketed feeds, filling those gaps requires creating either a shadow price or a specific rule system.

This database can be the foundation for assessment of various policies and measures aimed at delivering sustainability solutions in the global livestock sector, including: Climate change mitigation, healthier diets, meat substitutes, circularity, and the analysis of the implications of changing agricultural trade and domestic support policies in the context of promoting sustainability transition in the livestock sector.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: 2024 Conference Paper
Status: Not published
By/In: Presented during the 27th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)
Date: 2024
Created: Gonzalez Fischer, C. (4/12/2024)
Updated: Gonzalez Fischer, C. (6/6/2024)
Visits: 183
- Climate change policy
- Climate impacts
- Environmental policies
- Resources and circular economy
- Sustainable development
- Trade and the environment
- GTAP Data Base and extensions
- Agricultural policies
- Domestic policy analysis
- Global

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