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GTAP Resource #575

"GTAP Model Version 5.0"
by Hertel, Thomas, Ken Itakura and Robert McDougall

This version was introduced for the 2000 GTAP Short Course.

Changes from v.4.1 to v.5.0

  1. Module Structure

    The organization of the GTAP.TAB file was changed with version 5.0 to introduce a modular structure. This reorganization aims to facilitate an improved understanding of the structure of GTAP model as well as to make it easier to modify the model. Each module is a collection of coefficients, variables, formulae and equations, grouped by economic functions. For example, the Government Consumption Module is a group of coefficients, variables, formulae and equations associated with government demands for goods and services. Further the module breaks down into two sub-modules corresponding to the nested CES structure of government consumption. One of the sub-modules represents government consumption demands for domestic and imported goods (the bottom of the nest), and the other for the composite demands (the top of the nest). Organizing related bits and pieces in this way offers intuitive comprehension of GTAP model structure. It results in eight main modules representing the essential building blocks of the GTAP model. The modular structure also facilitates modification and revision of the GTAP model. All modules are knitted together by thread of common coefficients or variables, which are defined as shared across modules. If one of the common (shared) variable's name is changed, for a simple example, all the modules containing the variables will be affected by this change and must be modified accordingly. If a new name is assigned to the variable only used in one module, this change only affects the module locally, so there is no need to worry about other modules. This may sound obvious but organizing the model file in this way provides an important practical tool for those trying to alter the model by indicating clearly whether the change she is making is only local to a module or global to other modules.

  2. Multiple Margins Sectors

    The GTAP database has historically treated the international freight and insurance margin as a single service, supplied by national trade and transport sectors, and provided by a mythical global transport sector. The version 5 GTAP database has disaggregated transport into three modes: sea, air, land. This increased attention to international transport costs comes at an opportune time, as increased attention is focused on the role of these costs in international trade (see, for example, Hummels (2000)). It will also support improved analysis of liberalization of services under the WTO's General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). In order to accommodate this change in data structure, the model had to be revised.

  3. Correction on "ao" when ESUBT > 0

    When the GTAP model was generalized to permit a non-zero substitution elasticity between intermediates and value-added (ESUBT > 0), the technology shock at the top level of the production function was not properly generalized. The derivation of the proper equation is provided in Gohin and Hertel (2000). The version 5.0 GTAP.TAB file implemented this correction.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: Model file (.TAB)
Status: Not published
By/In: Center for Global Trade Analysis
Date: 2000
Version: 5.0
Created: Bacou, M. (5/3/2001)
Updated: Bacou, M. (6/18/2001)
Visits: 7,817
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Posted by: Neyra, Rhenalie   7/3/2012 10:05:00 PM
Hello! I'm very interested to use your program. I encountered problem as I download it. The files could not be read. What shall I do?
thank you for your assistance.