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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP 6 Data Base Documentation

Documentation for the GTAP 6 Data Package may be downloaded below. The correct citation when referring to the GTAP 6 Data Base is:

Dimaranan, Betina V., Editor (2006). Global Trade, Assistance, and Production: The GTAP 6 Data Base, Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University.

Table of Contents



PART I: Introduction

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Thomas W. Hertel

Chapter 2 - Guide to the GTAP Data Base
Betina V. Dimaranan and Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 3 - What's New in the GTAP 6 Data Base?
Betina V. Dimaranan

PART II: Overview of the Data Base and Software

Chapter 4 - Data Base Summary: Macroeconomic Data
Betina V. Dimaranan and Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 5 - Data Base Summary: Sectoral Data
Betina V. Dimaranan and Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 6 - Data Base Summary: Protection and Support
Betina V. Dimaranan and Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 7 - Data Base Summary: Input-Output Multipliers
Betina V. Dimaranan and Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 8 - Bilateral Time-Series Trade Data
Mark Gehlhar

Chapter 9 - Aggregation Programs

9.A. FlexAgg Data Aggregation Program
Robert A. McDougall

9.B. GTAPAgg Data Aggregation Program
Mark Horridge

Chapter 10 - Data Viewing Software
Melanie Bacou, Thomas W. Hertel, Wusheng Yu and Betina V. Dimaranan

Part III: Sources and Procedures for the Version 6 Data Base

Chapter 11 - Regional Input-Output Tables

11.A. Overview of the Regional Input-Output Tables
Terrie L. Walmsley and Robert A. McDougall

11.B. Australia
Terry Maidment and Owen Gabbitas

11.C. New Zealand
Gerard Malcolm and Allan Rae

11.D. Korea
Jong-Hwan Ko

11.E. Taiwan
Hsing-Chun Lin and Shih-Hsun Hsu

11.F. Southeast Asia
Kazuhiko Oyamada, Shinya Arakawa, Satoshi Inomata, Hiroshi Kuwamori, Jun Nakamura, Nobuhiro Okamoto, Takao Sano, and Yoko Uchida

11.G. Singapore
Mun-Heng Toh and Houming Ni

11.H. India
Rajesh Chadha and Devender Pratap

11.I. Colombia
Alvaro Andrés Perdomo Strauch

11.J. Argentina
Maximiliano Méndez Parra

11.K. Brazil
Joaquim Bento de Souza Ferreira Filho

11.L. Netherlands
Boudewijn Koole and Nico van Leeuwen

11.M. Albania
Mark Horridge

11.N. Central and Eastern Europe
Martin Banse and Terrie L. Walmsley

11.O. Russian Federation
Sergey Kiselev and Roman Romashkin

11.P. Turkey
Mustafa Acar

11.Q. Tunisia
Denise Konan and Ari Van Assche

11.R. Madagascar
Simon Randrianarivelo and Soamiely Andriamananjara

Chapter 12 - Food and Agriculture Adjustments

12.A. Food and Agricultural Data Base
Everett Peterson

12.B. Food and Agricultural Data Base: Local Modifications
Robert A. McDougall

12.C. Agricultural Production Targeting
Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 13 - Disaggregation of Input-Output Tables
Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 14 - Representative Table and Composite Regions
Betina V. Dimaranan

Chapter 15 - Trade Data

15.A. Construction of the Trade Data
Robert A. McDougall

15.B. Reconciling Merchandise Trade Data
Mark Gehlhar

15.C. Re-export Trade for Hongkong and the Netherlands
Mark Gehlhar

15.D. Transport Margins and Modes
Mark Gehlhar and Robert A. McDougall

15.E. Services Trade Data
Robert A. McDougall and Jan Hagemejer

Chapter 16 - Protection Data

16.A. Construction of the Protection Data
Betina V. Dimaranan

16.B. Agricultural Domestic Support
Hsin Huang

16.C. Domestic Support: European Union
Hans Grinsted Jensen

16.D. Tariff Data
Antoine Bouët, Yvan Decreux, Lionel Fontagné, Sébastien Jean, and David Laborde

16.E. Agricultural Export Subsidies
Aziz Elbehri

16.F. ATC Export Tax Equivalents
Joseph Francois and Dean Spinanger

Chapter 17 - An Energy Data Base for GTAP
Robert A. McDougall and Huey-Lin Lee

Chapter 18 - Other Source Data

18.A. Macroeconomic Data
Betina V. Dimaranan

18.B. Government Consumption
Robert A. McDougall and Vitaly Kharitonov

18.C. Primary Factor Shares
Thomas W. Hertel and Marinos Tsigas

18.D. Skilled and Unskilled Labor Data
Betina V. Dimaranan

18.E. Income and Factor Taxes
Robert A. McDougall and Jan Hagemejer

Chapter 19 - Updating and Adjusting the Regional Input-Output Tables
Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 20 - Behavioral Parameters
Betina V. Dimaranan, Robert A. McDougall, and Thomas W. Hertel

Chapter 21 - Global Data Base Assembly
Betina V. Dimaranan and Robert A. McDougall